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No easyscape
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No easyscape

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It's been almost a month since I got the premier club membership and I still don't have access to the premier club forums.

I contacted Jagex support. After a few replies back and forth they told me to contact Jagex community staff using the community email. Done that. Still no response after a week.

To make sure it was no problem on my end I cleared the browser cache. I also tried opening that forum section using the direct link to it. Nothing.

Apparently you need to post in that forum section to take part in those monthly premier club giveaways. I can't take part because I can't even open that forum section.

I don't know if there was a giveaway for January, but if there was, I haven't been able to participate because no forum access.

The website specifically mentioned the 'monthly giveaway' as one of the perks for premier club. There's no guarantee at all I would've won, but the fact that you listed it as one of the perks and I don't have access to it is unacceptable, especially after getting the premier club membership weeks before the giveaway would have closed, posting about the problem here and trying contacting support multiple times.

I want to see a response from Jagex on this issue and what you're going to do to fix it.

And don't give me that "we will run a script again to give people access" because apparently it's not working.

07-Feb-2019 00:43:26

Mrs Ana

Mrs Ana

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Here is Mod Poerkie's response:

Mod Poerkie said:
Hey there,
It is still a manual process the only thing that has changed is the fact that we receive a list of the people we need to add, so it's no longer required to post a message somewhere.

We aim to add everyone in batches periodically (every two weeks-ish)
• Ana •

08-Feb-2019 19:43:39

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