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Your greatest adventure at the very best price. It’s back, and bigger than ever!

Solak, Elite Dungeons and more await this Summer and you can get your hands on all of this great content, for less, with our Summer Special packages.

For the very first time we’re offering an amazing 6-for-5 package for £25.99 which not only saves you money on your membership (at the current price) but also gives you access to plenty of extra goodies which are listed below:

3-month Summer Special Package6-month Summer Special Package
Hellion ArmourHellion Armour
1 Premier Club Token
1 Extra Daily Key
VIP Forum / World Access
Monthly Prize Draw
Access to Premier Club Vault
Access to exclusive Premier Club Content
Access to exclusive forum badge

We still have our 3-for-2 package available for £11.99 which also gives you access to the Hellion Armour.

Remember, you can also use Bonds to buy your package; just 5 Bonds will get you the 3-for-2 package and 10 Bonds will secure the awesome 6-for-5 package, if you need clarification on any of these packages please check out the FAQ here

Boss, quest, and skill your way through Summer with these premium membership packages - we'll see you in game!
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Half of the 6-month package bonuses are just useless filler, so meh, no thanks.

If you want to sell membership better btw, it'd help to remove TH, as seeing P2W MTX just scares new players away. > )
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21-May-2018 11:12:48

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Possessive said:
Possessive said:
what is in the vault and the monthly rewards?
and what does a premier club token do

The vault grants rewards including XP lamps, Silverhawk down and proteans. The token can be exchanged for a reward from any previous VIP package.
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21-May-2018 11:12:55

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