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Hi everyone,

As we near the end of 2018, it’s time to start thinking about new outfits and pets for the store. We’re already looking forward to the ‘Wyvern Party Cape’ and ‘Fairy and Night Drake’ winning designs coming to life soon – but we can’t stop there! It’s time to have a think about what you would like to see in store next year. Maybe there’s a new accessory that is the final piece to complete an outfit – or, there’s a companion you’ve dreamt of accompanying you on your adventures… Let us know your ideas below and they may be considered for future designs! :)

Note: We know everyone is hungry for more service items such as bank boosters, actions bars and pre-sets. We’re mainly looking at cosmetics and pets. It’s also worth noting the more the theme of the design fits in with medieval RuneScape, the more likely we are to consider it.

We look forward to hearing your ideas!

06-Dec-2018 16:01:05

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Winged serpent pet; what the name implies, something similar to wind serpents in WoW (below image) or Zulrah in OSRS. Would probably be best to keep it as a ground pet so that it cannot actually fly.

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- Retro armours: Dragonhide, Castle Wars decorative sets (if the player owns the actual matching item), Dragon weapons, White/Initiate/Proselyte armor, and other commonly used sets fro the past
- Any type of neck slot overrides (scarves, badges, amulets with a letter on them, etc.). This slot doesn't get many new additions
- More simple outfits instead of bulky armour
- Outfits that closely match ingame bosses like the Nex & KBD outfits

- I would love to see current item pets moved to the interface and given an override option. I feel there are enough pets at the moment and time should be given to do this for the existing ones

- I feel this section in the ingame interface needs more sorting options. Maybe split them into categories like: Unlocked through gameplay, Loyalty Point titles, titles that come with cosmetic overrides, etc.

- Retro animations: Death animation override, emotes, etc.
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I should add... we know retro items are popular. But we really want to look at new fresh and innovative ideas.

06-Dec-2018 16:59:19

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1) Snowboard walk animation, when standing still you are holding the board, when you start moving your character throws it on the ground, you jump on it and start snowboarding till you stop moving.

2) Dragon cosplay cosmetics? Similar to how there is a werewolf outfit, what about an outfit that makes your character dress up like a dragon? The outfit can be recoloured to match different dragons.

3) Any chance of a bearded dragon/blue tongue skink pet? It would work similar to the Silver Hawk pet but would sit on the players shoulder.

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Retro Mystic Robe sets for outfits, I liked the old design of the Mystic robe set better.
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- Unicorn/Pegasus/Alicorn outfit in a similar way we have the wolf, fox, feline and panda outfits (tail, on-head ears and horn not a mask etc)

cant stress this enough
- Retro blessed dhide / Air guitar emote

also, this is more suggestion to how solomon mechanics work:
being able to have multiple retro overides active, so when you are in pvp and switch armour it automatically links to that piece of armour instead of only 1 set

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you see people use animations in the spellbook for going to lodestones. why not make some animations for other things. i have some ideas that the animations would be good for. some would be good for ftp, some would be good for membs, and some would be good for everyone. log out animations is one idea I have. another is an animation for when you go in the clan citadel of your clan. i just think it would look cool.

06-Dec-2018 18:12:44

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