Permanent Wealth Evaluator

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Kass Artur19
Jan Member 2011

Kass Artur19

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Why I dont find it in solomans store. Black friday sale post say there I can buy it with 50% dicount but I dont find it there, and in game its still in full price. I really want to buy it.

24-Nov-2017 21:10:02

Dec Member 2003


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The Permanent Wealth Evaluator is bought ingame, Not in Solomon's Store.

-Click on the Wealth Evaluator icon in your Inventory interface (the picture of the abacus shown between the Currency Pouch and the Price Checker).

-Once you click on Buy Now, choose the option Buy - not Rent. The price shows 240 Runecoins, which is 50% off, so it is cheaper to use Runecoins, instead of Bonds. (Redeem 2 bonds for Runecoins before purchasing it.)

24-Nov-2017 22:05:51

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