Stop attaching hair to hats.

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Please stop attaching new hairstyles to hats/headdresses and just release them as hair.

See the Nautilus and Flourishing Fairy outfits. Both have very nice hairstyles which would be much more wearable without the mandatory headwear.

This practice is damaging to the idea of player customisation. It prevents us from being creative and forces us into a pigeonhole defined by the artist. When designing cosmetics please aim for versatility wherever possible.

PS. If you release the Flourishing Fairy hair without the massive tiara I will give you slightly too much money.
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.,¤ Sab ¤,.

13-Mar-2018 09:37:23

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Support. I like some of the head wear but not the hair and some of the hairstyles but not the head wear on others.It would be nice to pick and choose as we wish.Plus add some more hair styles.

13-Mar-2018 11:40:08

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