Stop attaching hair to hats.

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It's not like it's even that useful for roleplay since none of the elves in-game look anything like that. I do miss Gwir's old look though, she had such a unique design before the update. Refactoring code is a lot like doing the dishes. If you put it off the job gets bigger and smellier until eventually, it takes over your entire kitchen.

15-Mar-2018 11:37:27

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I would also like to add, sometimes they say oh there were clipping issues is why its only available certain ways.

I say.....

Let us decide if the clipping is acceptable to us or not and then let us decide if we want to use those clipping or not.
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13-Apr-2018 06:39:16

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Support! I've seen some hairstyles that have some form of headgear attached to it that I'd love to use without the gear. I really hope they fix this. I'm all about FashionScape and really need a new hairstyle. They should give us the option to be able to wear the gear for that outfit or not, even if it does cost an extra 50 rc, I'd be willing to splurge it if it's worth it for me.
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13-Apr-2018 22:09:07



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I agree with Darkstar not many attractive hairstyles to choose from, to be able to have the option to remove the hat to just have the hairstyle is a wonderful Idea.
sooo a definite yes from me^_^

02-May-2018 03:18:23

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I’d just like to say that graphical problems and “clipping” are what’s keeping Jagex from making the Sunglasses an aura effect for override purposes.
Funny how they polled clipping issues for the all-of-them-are-gaudy-and-bad wings not taking up the cape slot.

Have I supported this yet? Could’ve sworn I did.
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05-May-2018 06:24:38

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Given the choice - whether to rule a corrupt and failing empire, or to challenge the Fates for another throw, a better throw against one's destiny - what was a king to do?

15-May-2018 22:31:33

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