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> Mage D a v e posted:

Well these cosmetics aren't rare expensive high end armour, they don't show anyone your success and they can be bought by any level.
They show your financial success. When I see someone with an assassin's outfit, I immediately think "That guy must have a bunch of spare money lying around so he could blast $40 on a costume". It also shows how successful someone is at getting all the emotes or representing a certain character type (Gothic people want the gothic outfit, Zamorak-lovers would love showing off their demonic teleport at the next ZMI meeting)

25-Jul-2012 23:54:56

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Let me put it this way, if people scream and are willing to pay for cosmetics, jagex will give cosmetics.
If people shun the idea, then jagex will resort to bigger ways to make money, such as selling gold/exp/items.
Which do you prefer now?

26-Jul-2012 00:11:15



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Neither, your logic is flawed.
If people were unwilling to buy cosmetic items, for the REASON that it gave an advantage, then Jagex wouldn't make anything that gave an advantage solely because they know people won't buy it.

26-Jul-2012 19:36:24

San Deh
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San Deh

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The game is already ruined it's just a waiting game until people finally realise it and quit.
That will most likely be when Jagex will realise what big a mistake they've made.

26-Jul-2012 21:09:03



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So, are you saying that to PREVENT xp and stuff from being sold at Solomon's shop, we have to buy Runecoins to purchase the cosmetic stuff?
I don't know. If I were to take over as CEO tomorrow and get a place on the Board of Directors, I'd get rid of those who are only in it to maximize profits, and change how Runecoins are obtained. They'd be bonuses for paying for membership. And free Runecoins would be given out during the holidays. So f2p players wouldn't have quite as many chances to get these cosmetic stuff, but the chances would be there.
Something like that.

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could you please try to remember where yous saw that (This reminds me of a post I read somewhere, I don't think on this thread, that explained that the cosmetic costumes had extra charge fees because extra effort, money, and planning went into them. So, the microtransactions prevent people who aren't interested in that sort of update don't have to shoulder some of the cost of creating that content.)
i would really appreciated them to explain that part to me , where do they really need the money?
in 2007 1,000,000 active pay-to-play subscriber so he made 5,000,000 and was less then 450 employees
so let say those employees work 40 hours a week and get pay 40$ an hours, yea i know i am very generous
so jagex made $5,000,000 a month and need to give pay check of $2 880 000
we need to add some utility like electricity, trash bag, soap , no no i am not pushing guys when you got a buisness everything count even to toilet paper. let say we give him in 2007 $1 000 000 a month for those , I think I am more then fair here.
so in 2007 he made at least 5 millions a month and needed to spend 3.8 million , so a profit of 1,2 million a month not bad at all.
now today, membership raise he does have under 500 employees and have multiple online games at least 9 of them that I could see.
resume 9 games, 500 employees that he have to pay, how many he don't pay idk, all the suggestion we make on forum those are free of charge, those forum mod also free of charge , game mod free of charge.
and 2 million pay to play member and that only in runescape ouch! do i really need to do the math here?
(member subcription went up but i am ok with that, as everything else goes up that life )
so don't come and tell me he need to sell those clothes or those spin cmon.
i can remove the following on demand
too bad if jagex would do what it is suggest here, alot would be happy
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