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Well, I agree that the graphic updating isn't REALLY necessary, and neither is the music updating, for that matter. And also, voice acting is another thing that makes quest production take longer. If I recall correctly, the design team decided not to do voice acting in The World Wakes due to the large number of characters with speaking roles in that quest. What resulted was still a great quest.

Though even though I liked TWW, I do have to agree that not every quest needs to be 'epic' in scale. Not every quest needs to have the fate of Gielinor in the balance, or involve the Mahjarrat or the gods. And besides, sooner or later the whole Sixth Age/Elder Gods/Elder Artifacts/God Wars storyline is going to come to an end, so it's important that Jagex not forget how to do the smaller-scale stuff (where we're just helping a few people or one town).

However, I think it's the bells and whistles (graphics, live recorded music as opposed to synthesized, voice acting) that really hold up quest development. And they aren't really needed, except in cases like One Piercing Note where they really enhance the experience. Honestly, I don't think people would be rioting in the streets if Jagex released a few quests that DIDN'T have all those bells and whistles.

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Athrenn said:
I'm honestly okay with the quantitative drop in new quests as long as we get meaningful post-quest content.

To me, the bigger problem is that it always feels like the main story is on pause during the gap between quests. For example, the world doesn't feel immersive when a gigantic world-changing event happens - like omg, Armadyl just killed BANDOS! - and...nothing changes in the world?

In comparison, when Guthix died there was SO much that changed in the world. Memorials started popping up, Guardians of Guthix would talk to you about the implications of what just happened, etc. Personally, I really need that post-quest content to feel like my actions actually had an effect in the world. I want NPCs to regard me differently from then on. That's the kind of stuff that makes a story feel rich in quality - especially for me.

I'm all for post-quest content. I like to be able to chat with the NPCs involved in the quests afterwards and get further thoughts and insights on the events that happened. Good examples are Zanik post-Chosen Commander, Azzanadra and Ali the Wise post-ROTM, Azzanadra and Ali the Wise (again) post-TWW, and many of the Guardians of Guthix post-TWW. These can provide insights into the characters' motivations and their feelings on what happened. And they can also help clear up confusion regarding what happened.

Of course, a lot of this is colored by the bias of the characters in question, but that just makes it more interesting.

In any case, I'm all for post-quest content, though most of it should come out on the same day of the quest itself.

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