Who do you think needs to die?

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Well, personally I think there's been enough death. Death is a plot device that mustn't be over-used, or used too lightly.

The deaths of Hazelmere and the others in While Guthix Sleeps had a huge impact because that sort of thing didn't happen very often. We didn't see characters we'd come to know from previous quests, Slayer tasks, and other activities being killed off and (in some cases) replaced with others before. They died primarily to let us know how dangerous Lucien was, and helped raise the stakes.

As for antagonists, well I'm not sure who I'd want killed off there. Not even Sliske - perhaps being imprisoned or immobilized or generally rendered harmless would do. (I don't know - maybe I'm saying that because I'd actually miss him when he's gone).

As for the gods, I'm not sure if one more needs to be killed or not. Guthix died to make the Sixth Age storyline possible, and Bandos died because he was just too extreme with his warmongering ways and his interpretation of the 'survival of the strongest' philosophy. The other gods, by contrast, could be more reasonable than Bandos.

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