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Am I th only one who really liked the Death of Chivalry quest? I thought it was super intense infiltrating the Black Knight Castle and building up Sir Owen's character. Who I really like! Despite his pathetic piety he was a likeable character. He was more of a crusader than a Jehovah Witness with a sword as I had expected.

Also, we saw a little bit of Saradomin's good side. Yes, he us selfish, greedy, etc. But he also appeals to me because he is soooooo human. Jagex have almost villanized him. While yes he has very human flaws like listed earlier he also has very human strengths. Like compassion and courage. We see a glimpse of that in this quest let's give him and this quest some credit!

Lastly it was a good break from all the Momentous thinga going on Gielibor and slipping back into what it felt like to be a noob. Good guys vs bad guys quest.

Title of Liberty

Minigame Autopsy V3
Wilderness Autopsy V1

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Gwyndolynn said:
Am I th only one who really liked the Death of Chivalry quest?

Far from it. It's generally considered to be a very good quest. Among the Lore community at least. It's certainly among the better Signature Hero quests.
I have noticed your kind does tend to blindly stumble forward towards danger simply because it exists. What is your word for that?
- We call it being a hero.

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Death of Chivalry is one of RS's finest quests, I'd say second only to One Piercing Note in the F2P game. I'm surprised more folks didn't select it as their fave.

Eren Lapucet said:
Every time I read a review by Rondstat, I wear my fancy sleep robes and drink vintage french wine from a wine glass.

Hah! I'm hardly worthy. You should be shotgunning Mad Dog out of a Dixie cup. Nevertheless, great thanks to you.

I was having a little bit of a dumb think on how I'd have preferred the Menaphos quests to go. Maybe I do too many of these. But I may as well jot down some of my fan-quest ideas here.

The Jack of Spades

At rise, we walk in on Emir and Osman having an argument

You're a fool to ignore my spy network, boy! When will we have another opportunity like this?

Emir takes us aside. Menaphos is accepting a commercial delegation, spearheaded by Ali Morrisane's men, to establish trade for staple items they cannot otherwise obtain, most notably runes. Emir knows they have Kharid Ib, wants answers, but Osman's behaviour has been increasingly erratic of late - Emir fears he cannot trust him. We will pose as head of delegation, Alexander/Alexandra Morrisane, while making search for Kharid Ib, reporting directly to Emir - but not a word to Osman or anyone else!

A situation that more plausibly resolves the possible continuity error with Contact, and preserves Emir's stance on Menaphos from Diamond in the Rough.

Talk to Morrisane, makes us open rune crate first to prove we have math skills to be salesman, then provides us with crate of supplies, magic carpet, two of his men.

Another puzzle opportunity, and remembers Morrisane's carpet monopoly.

Fly down to Menaphos, but ambushed just outside gate by masked figure. Takes our runes and disappears as guards find us.

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What is this? These are not the runes promised. Did you intend to swindle us? You take the Pharaoh for a fool? He warned us of your northern treachery. Take them to the dungeon!

Some minor changes to Menaphos - there is now a jail located in the gated-off area beneath the main steps. There are protesters on one of the main docks in the Port - demonstrating because the self-imposed embargo has put them out of work. And Crondite tithers wander the Slums, including some who openly clash with workers. This preserves the uprisings as mentioned in Contact!

We're tossed in jail, easily lockpick cell to escape. The hooded thief has left trail of rune stones, seemingly spilling from his bag. We follow these, all while avoiding patrolling guards, who re-imprison us on sight. Trail takes us to four leaders, where we see thief appear, steal something, vanish.

Finally led to a Shifting Tomb entry (all of which have been sealed until now), thief conducts some sort of ritual - door flashes open. Confrontation - it's Ozan. Explains - doing some spying and research, has reason to believe Kharid Ib somewhere below city. But, pharaoh had tombs closed off with enchanted seal. Needed all four pieces - held by leaders - and enough magic (our runestones) to undo it. Descend to tombs, new door covered in odd calcification is impenetrable. He advises us to take back rune cache, regain legitimacy while he works on tomb. And please, don't share with Emir until he has results.

What about the missing runes?

Aww, I didn't use that many.

He picks up a large, green gem from the floor.

Why don't you give this to Ehsan? I'm sure it'll be enough for that greedy hag to let you off the hook.

Return cache and gem to Ehsan, as token of apology for hardship caused. She accepts, advises full pardon, welcomes Alex Morrisane to Menaphos.

Removes Ozan thieving for the lulz, which just makes him seem like a jerk.

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Crocodile Tears

Back to the Freezer is a req, for Crocspeak Amulet

First half largely the same. Elid Spirits make us complete some sort of puzzle to attune rod.

Cos seriously, where were the puzzles?

Rod eventually leads us to slums. Batal reveals some history, since we're so well known to workers - historically, hard labour always their bailiwick, but also always had enough. Waters were plentiful for fish, grew rice and barley, a roof over everyone's head. Then change - drought ruins crops, fish scarce. Pray to Crondis for bounty, but instead she's incensed, demands greater tribute. When they refuse, she raises waters, floods most of worker district, destroys fields. Since then, live in starving subsistence, barely surviving, and corrupt priests (Crondite Tithers) have demanded much of their meagre earnings, to appease goddess. Doubts they truly speak for her - only her chosen can guess thoughts of a god.

Makes the ironic subversion of god's beliefs (as seen in Do No Evil, Dealing With Scabaras)
more explicit, invents backstory for unexplained ruins.

Talk to blessed crocs (unattackable) sunning on Slum shore. Crocs are sacred, and only they, the priests, and the priests' boatman know true location of Crondis Temple (and boatman won't ferry anyone without proof of priesthood). Will share with us - in exchange for some tribute. Each croc demands something different - Plover Birds, beltfish, special 'blessed' gift offerings (obtained by pickpocketing while on quest) to take to their goddess. While hunting or fishing, 'famished' crocs periodically attempt to steal catch, must be subdued with backhand. However, each croc ignores us once satiated.

Accessing Crondis Temple should be a challenge in itself. Moving gofer quests to crocs allows Crondis reveal to be more meaningful, more joke opportunities. 'Famished crocs' adds extra mechanic/attention, feels less like midquest skill grind. Forego 'annoyance mechanic' of croc ice.

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Each time we fulfill request, though, croc tells a piece of story in first person, different colour text. How she only wanted to provide for followers, who deserved far more than merchants/imperials who lived life of leisure. Followed a beautiful red gator to discover glittering oasis of endless fish, ever-replenishing grain, gem-studded sands at mouth of Elid. With this, her followers need never work again. But the more she sampled fish, hunger only grew, until could think of nothing else. Crocs have no memory of saying this.

A croc eventually asks why we don't just pickpocket Tither for their holy insignia. We try, pickpocket fails, Tither attacks. Uses overhead prayer, eats unlimited supply of food - low damage, but can't be beat. Lure him to shoreline, where sacred croc attacks, eats him in a fade to black.

Oh woe is me! How could such a terrible fate befall one of Crondis' beloved priests?

You - you ate him!

Why, I did no such *BRRRAAAP* thing!

A Crondite insignia flies out of the crocodile's mouth as it belches.

Cos where were the actual crocodile tears?

Take insignia to Kags (cowed by Tithers) to access Temple. Crondis dazed, rheumy, wails that she is starving, despite being surrounded by heaps of food. Her attendants (corrupted worker model) attack, we will not gain access to goddess. Each drops a symbol of Amascut on death.

Finally confront Crondis, something inside her is driving this hunger, must be purged. Think of her people, not her greed. Belches Ukunduka, boss fight.

Cos an appeal to her values makes more sense to me than just getting so pissed off at her that she throws up.

She vows to provide for followers from afar, dissolve priesthood. Return to Senliten, quest concludes as normal. Postquest, Tithers gone from worker district, Batal dialogue reflect thay can better provide for selves, no more crocodile attacks.

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Our Man in the North

Begins with Osman, hiding in Sophanem alleyway. He knows we're spying for Emir, doesn't begrudge us, but asks a favour. We're respected in Imperial District, can get into library. He wants a specific book.

At library, Khonen talks of book burnings, mentions predecessor hid something, but he could never find it. Solve puzzle to open secret compartment, obtain book. Return to Senliten (as normal), make notes in book corroborating her account.

Cos where were the puzzles?

Return to Osman, asks us to meet him in Al Kharid, better to arrive separately. A veiled Sophanite beckons us - it's Maisa! Rather than return to Al Kharid, the disillusioned spy has laid low in Sophanem, tracked some of Osman's actions. Kaleef is far from first to die from his schemes. Osman helped orchestrate Prince's kidnapping, all espionage actually serving Osman's aspirations, not Emirate, and now planning something borderline treasonous. She will accompany us to Al Kharid, speak to Emir directly.

On arrival, disaster has struck. Generic NPCs replaced with shuffling 'Plagued Citizens' and all shopkeepers have an additional dialogue, either worry of plague spreading, or confidence it will blow over. Barred from entry to palace - guards claim there's a quarantine until source of plague determined, dealt with, no entry to possible carriers.

Speak to Plagued Citizens, what they last remember before contracted illness. All have different accounts, but one thing in common - kebab from Karim. Karim shares, thought he just got sick from too much sun after a day spent watching duels at arena.

Speak to (coughing) Tafani at arena. While most have contracted disease, Daerkin and Estocada are perfectly fine - almost as if it only affects Kharidians. We ask if she can examine, write us clean bill of health. She's willing, but currently swamped with a rush of patients, ask her in a few minutes.

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In the mean time, a random Menaphite Imperial Guard challenges us to a duel

You're the strongest-looking cretin around here.

During fight, his standard attacks hit very low, but he has powerful poison and stat-draining abilities. Constantly yells about being the strongest, the most powerful, better than all these decrepit weaklings. When finally dies, drops inverted ankh, and leaves us feeling slightly queasy (no actual effect on stats).

Tafani examines us, but has bad news - the untrained eye can't see it, but we clearly have early signs of plague - she can't vouch for us. We return and are intercepted by Maisa. She's seen this sort of plague before, in Sophanem, and she thinks it has spiritual, more than physical, origins. They attributed it to an improper burial, but she saw that problem dealt with several times over - it must go deeper. She advises we return to the source.

Return to Sophanem, High Priest of Icthlarin. We ask about plague, if it's really Klenter's legacy. Sheepishly admits unlikely, but it must be more than natural. Normally people pray to Het for strength, but he seems to have gone silent. Het worship all but vanished. Show him ankh, he recoils - this is object of pure corruption. Like a waterskin gives us the strength to deal with the harshness of the desert, this might give something borne of death and unnatural magic to survive in the natural world. If we have a deathwish, there is something similar festering below temple. But, with that symbol on us, it may appear far different.

Descend into instanced version of slayer dungeon - empty, but in each room, we're attacked by (lower damage, no slayer level) squads of slayer critters - first scarabs, then gorillas, then crocodiles, and finally imperials, who shout that they are stronger than all, have domain of the desert, and any beneath them are worthy of contempt. They can take on the world alone without breaking a sweat!

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Cutscene as we reach bottom. Het in Atlas pose, struggling under some immense weight. Jabari mocks him, that the power of his lady is greater than his paltry strength, that he is weak and has abandoned his people, that soon the northern ruler will know the same true strength given to his pharaoh. Teleports out without noticing us.

We approach Het, who can barely string words together under the strain.


We instantly feel healthier, strength returned to our limbs. Return to Tafani, who's amazed at our recovery, gives us clean bill of health. Enter palace alongside Maisa, who got similar bill herself

I'm actually originally from Misthalin. There aren't a lot of natural blondes in the desert.

Jabari is offering revolutionary cure to Emir, who is tempted to accept, we shout that he's actually offering the Curse of the Devourer. Brief, but easy fight - this is the strength of Het against an old man. He drops a Blessed Feather. Maisa erupts, reveals Osman's schemes, and Emir exiles the Spymaster.

Osman seemed to volunteer the info of his betrayal way too quickly. Better coming from a disgruntled agent.

Return to Het. Place feather on rock, he quickly casts off the weight. Tells us that Amascut fed on his pride, his arrogance, people became sick in his absence. He will work on removing the plague, which should be near instantaneous in areas where it is fairly recent and near his places of power. However, the effects may linger in places that have lived under the plague longer.

Puts an emphasis on Het-relevant themes, resolves a frustrating older plot point, and removes the literal Deus ex Machina from quest's end. Makes us instrumental in his salvation, rather than something that happens completely offscreen, has no relevance to main quest plot.

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