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This is the reason why time in RuneScape advancing at the same pace as it does in real world does not work. Or one of the reasons.

I hoped that JMods would've forgotten their statement, but the idea that time in-game has begun to progress in according to IRL time is nonsensical, and causes more problems than it solves.

First of all, lack of events. In comparison to the year 169 of Fifth Age, the Sixth Age is notable devoid of interesting events happening then. If anything, the years should have roughly the same amount of events, and while the meta answer to the question is that year 169 contains the content of 12 years of game development, it still does not excuse the lack of many events during the Sixth Age in comparison to the Fifth Age.

Secondly, adding extra years into the Sixth Age does not affect the game in any meaningful way. NPCs will not refer or react to the passage of time (for instance, children will not grow up, sick people will never heal, elderly people won't die, NPCs won't advance anywhere in their careers, etc.), nor does the game world change to take on account the advance of time and all of the events that happened during those 3 years (Divination and Invention won't spread among the population of Gielinor, West Ardougne/Burgh de Rott/Meiyerditch will remain in ruins, religious and political changes will not occur anywhere in the world, and so on, despite there being plenty of time for NPCs to do something about these things), nor does the lore benefit from having extra years for its disposal (the only conceivable benefit the extra years permit is the ability for child characters to grow up, and even that's questionable, as there are so few child characters that actually matter and players find interesting). So why write the passage of time into the game, if it has no impact to the story and clearly nothing has happened in the world?

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Finally, JMods seem to have forgotten something: in fiction, just as things happen because the plot needs them to, they also happen when it is convenient for the story. Laws of astrophysics can be thrown out of the window if they are at the way of a plot: besides, day/night cycle does not exist in RuneScape, so there is no in-game indication of how quickly or slowly things advance on Gielinor outside of narrative events like quests, world events, holiday events, et cetera. And there simply hasn't been happening enough events to justify moving RuneScape's story from year 1 of 6th Age onwards: even when one factors in all of the world events and smaller events like Siege of Falador and Invasion of Port Sarim, the amount of events still comes nowhere close to year 169.

Solanumtinkr said:
Was it just my imagination or was Evil Dave's mother (Doris Karlolff) pregnant at one point? O_o Back before Edge got a lick of paint?

I think the belly didn't imply that she was pregnant; it seems to imply that she is somewhat obese, instead.

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