NPC's: It's been 4+ Years

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I had a rather strange realization: we're now in Year 5 of the 6th Age.

Before The World Wakes, our concept of time in game was rather vague. Sure it was Year 169 of the 5th Age.
Some quests happened in chronological order:
Cook's Assistant takes place before Recipe for Disaster.
In Search of the Myreque takes time to reach River of Blood.
We have numerous stories leading up to the Ritual of the Mahjarrat (which is more or less the last main event before TWW).

However, most of the NPC's haven't really aged.
I mean sure, a few have died off for various reasons.
But we haven't seen much growth in characters.

Take Gertrude's children for example ... it's been 5 years since we rescued her cat. Her oldest kids should nearly be adults. Her youngest should look a lot bigger than a toddler.

How about professional NPC's?
There were certainly a few NPC's that should have been approaching retirement age, and letting their child or an apprentice take over
How about the apprentices all around Taverly and Burthrope? Surely Apprentice Clara is ready to take over the runes shop or take over elsewhere.
Isn't Magestix ready to teach noobs about Summoning on his own?
Perhaps Jacquelyn Manslaughter is ready to sub in for one of the other Slayer Masters and letting Turael/Spria take on a new apprentice?

And why shouldn't we learn about some NPC's having gotten married or having kids?
Surely the world of Runescape is ready for a baby boom!!

It can also be said that between the ages of 22 and 30s, and 40s into 50's, a person wouldn't noticeably chance too much. Not in just the physical sense, but also professionally. Especially with only 5 years.
Children age into puberty. People who are in their 30s or 40s start greying.
Your job, you go from entry level to experienced. Or experienced to senior or even manager. But true, you don't always seen someone going from Private to General in that short of time.

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