We are not the first....

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Solanumtinkr said:
ZAmorakZaros said:
Hazeel said:
Kinda disapointing that the WG is destined to fail and die.

Even if we cannot die from natural causes, someone or something will eventually get us. Just like with the gods. Tomorrow, next week, next century... we will eventually die somehow. Maybe we cannot take the stress of being immortal and end our own lives by crushing ourselves under collapsing cave...

Maybe all we do is pull a Sliske and make everyone think we are dead. How do people recognise us when we keep switching bodies/looks/ect. Solve that mystery and we might be able to make everyone think we are dead, all while we attend our own funeral completely unrecognised as the WG O_o...:O...

! :D
And here I am thinking that Sliske will be the person (indirectly) responsible for our demise. :O
Deathless I see, but even immortals will not escape my wrath!

13-Jan-2017 06:49:03

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