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Okay, so normally the only 'afterlife' the Mahjarrat have is those deathstones and their energies being divided among the other Mahjarrat. Obviously, becoming memories that recite how you died to those who encounter your stone and/or fueling the other Mahjarrat didn't appeal to Sliske.

My guess is that this whole thing with the Siphon was Sliske's backup plan. He's one of the smartest antagonists in all of RuneScape. Leagues smarter than Lucien, Bandos, Sigmund, King Lathas, Hreidmar, and a dozen more quest series antagonists put together. His dialogue shows him to be very Genre Savvy, as he mocks various tropes and cliches. So he knows that it's likely things will get dangerous for him, since he's set up a situation that will surely get a lot of powerful people mad at him.

So of course he had a Plan B, and maybe a Plan C as well. The setup to the Siphon might be one of his fallback plans. He KNOWS that the whole 'You defeated my enforcers. If you want something done right, do it yourself' bit is something that's been done several times before, and does that bit himself hoping to trick the World Guardian into thinking it's just your standard endgame boss battle. Unless I misinterpreted something, it's Sliske who introduces the Staff of Armadyl into the fight when it hadn't even been mentioned in the quest prior to that point.

Clearly, he had this worked out a long time in advance. The ending is a bit ambiguous: is he still inside the World Guardian or did he jump to Relomia? But clearly, like Zaros before him, he's still around in some condition or another, waiting for the right moment to once again meddle with the world.

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