Your ultimate villain?

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Well, Bandos is dead. Lucien is dead. Vanstrom Klause is dead.

So, who's left to consider the 'main' antagonist?

Not really sure. In the morally grey Sixth Age, it's hard to pick anyone who's clearly evil and is a truly horrible person and hasn't gotten their comeuppance yet. With Bandos gone, the remaining Young Gods are full of moral ambiguity, and it's hard to tell just why Sliske does what he does.

There's the Dragonkin, who showed us a terrifying vision of the future if we don't somehow stop them. But it's been established that they destroy and kill because they're bonded with the Stone. Were they not, they wouldn't be quite as dangerous.

As for the Elder Gods, yes the whole 'wake up and such Gielinor dry' thing is something be concerned about, but they seem beyond the concepts of 'good' or 'evil'.

Zemouregal? He's still largely a wannabe, and hasn't really done much outside of enslave Arrav and attack Varrock.

So yes, it's hard for me to pick an antagonist that'd be on the level of those I mentioned in the first paragraph.

10-Sep-2014 17:33:27

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