Base Strength of the lore

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stuff wrong with this

lucien at the time of his death was stronger than any one of the dragonkin, as shown by his ability to defeat two of them and being killed by a sneak attack with an elder artefact from a dragonkin he wasnt aware of. I wouldn't be surprised if he was stronger than a t5 god at the time of his death... temporarily, at least

the elder gods should be off the charts, the young gods 'can't even slow them down' so they're entirely incomparable, definitely not only twice as powerful as Guthix

zaros and guthix are also a lot more than 'slightly more powerful' than the t3 and t4 gods

azzanadra is a scary monster. like scary as in scary powerful. sliske, armed with the staff and stone, makes average mahjarrat look ridiculous (as seen with zemoureagl in mpd) but azzanadra still thinks he can take him (in fotg) and azzanadra isnt especially dumb. His reaction to sliske and his reaction to drakan are very different... he's not even a tiny bit scared of sliske. (sliske, unlike lucien, hasnt gained much power from the stone, only from the staff)

jmods confirmed azzanadra would 'probably' lose a fight to nex, so her ranking is all wrong too

the dragonkin are currently meant to be as strong as t5 gods, and since sliske hasnt really used the stone for power, they were probably at the same level during rotm as they are now. sliske's able to defeat them because he has access to the shadow realm (he shows his use of it in mpd, both in dialogue and in action, imprisoning the dragonkin in a cage covered in shadow stuff... and when he releases the kraken, he very quickly nopes out of there)

robert the strong was able to kill so many dragonkin, not because he was an outrageously powerful dude, but because he had access to dragonkinbane weapons and the dragonkin were much weaker during the time he fought them

vorago implies he wouldnt do to badly against a god, so his ranking, and that of telos and yakamaru, would be much higher

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