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Iceey said:
For some reason, I do not think Ariane will be hit. She seems to be the counter part of the World Guardian in some ways. I think she is also the most popular and she would be incredibly hard to kill. Her losing her friends I think would be her biggest suffering.

Plus it was said Linza could be saved and there is a few ways that could be handled if she is saved. Even the Barrows Brothers remain with Sliske even though they aren't even being controlled now.

Something may happen to Ozan, but I am not sure it will be death. But we need the desert questline to finish up for that, and currently we have 3 more.

I think Raptor will die or severely injured. KIlling off all of the Signature heroes, is a mistake in writing, in my opinion.

I agree that killing off the Signature Heroes is largely a mistake. There's more to be done with Xenia, for example. She's been to the Eastern Lands, but is sworn to secrecy. This was a clear setup for her to be a 'guide' and 'exposition' character when the Eastern Lands came out. Plus there was room for all sorts of backstory as unfinished business from her past came back in the present.

As for saving Linza, I don't see how any of the Barrows Siblings can be saved without time travel creating alternate timeline doubles so that we have the Barrows bosses to keep fighting while still having the non-wight versions. Of course, I thought Akrisae was enough, and we didn't need to have another person we're acquainted with end up like that.

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Well, I do get the feeling the Raptor doesn't really want anyone to know what he looks like under that armor. Maybe because it'll hurt his tough guy image or something, or because he likes being mysterious.

But I'd be surprised if he and another NPC we might already know are the same person. Of course, this would mean that he couldn't be any NPC we actually see him together with.

Anyway, as far as Signature Heroes go, it looks like Ariane, Ozan, and the Raptor are being used to promote Chronicle. The Raptor seems to be occupying Sir Owen's former spot, since Sir Owen's future is (at least to us players) unknown. (Sir Owen could return to normal physically, he could die, or he could become Saradomin 2.0, or anything at this point).

When they were originally introduced, the trio of Sir Owen, Ozan, and Ariane were clearly meant to represent the combat triangle of melee, ranging, and magic respectively. It looks like, at least in the promotional materials, that the Raptor is replacing Sir Owen in the melee slot.

However, the Raptor doesn't really seem to have any sort of relationship with Ariane and Ozan. He never talks to them, as far as I know, and they neither talk to him nor talk ABOUT him as far as I know. He has no dialogue in any of the Signature Heroes meetings in the guilds, and in fact the only reason we know they know him is because he is at the Legends Guild meeting standing silently and not saying anything.

Anyway, as others have noted, the Sixth Age has been pretty hard on the Signature Heroes, as they're being treated like an idea that clashed with later ideas. I'm just hoping the Chronicle promotion is an indication that at the very least Ariane, Ozan, and the Raptor will still be around for a while (especially Ariane, as she's my favorite).

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I'm hoping Ariane will still be around for a long time. As for Ozan, he pretty much is the cliche boaster who exaggerates stories, but there's potential for more depth to his character in his quests.

As for the Raptor, either we'll never know what he really is under the armor, or the 'big reveal' will probably be the last time we see him as the Raptor we're familiar with. If the 'big reveal' happens, it could be played for comedy or for seriousness.

27-May-2016 14:02:26

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