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Gielinor's Anima Mundi has been taking increasing action as time goes by. First was Vorago, long ago. Ther may have been others, but Telos is there to defend the Heart. The Adventurer is probably another manifestation but part of this latest group of Independents. Us and the upcoming Sally in Idle Adventures.

We all seem to have a job. Our's is to kick ass and chew bubble gum, Sally helps fix the mess after Hurricane Adventurer finishing kicking some evil butts up between their ears. Being an Independent means we can wander far from home, while the more linked maybe be more powerful but have a limited wander range and have to stya close to their source of power.

Telos defends the Heart.

Vorago defends what is beneath the ground, to some degree. And most recently was called in as the Anima Mundi's nuclear response to Tuska's intended devastation.
The purpose of adventure is to shine light into dark places,
Poke monsters with a sharp stick, Then steal anything that isn't nailed down!
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