Xau-Tak: God of the Horrors

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Cthris said:
Eren Lapucet said:
I can't think of any relevant mysteries relating to the monkeys.

There is one less well known mystery about the monkey's. After you kill the jungle demon in the quest, instead of heading right back to ape atoll, you can enter the Marimbo statue, and talk to a small purple monkey named Bonzara.

Here is his dialog

Player: No thank you. Who are you by the way?
Bonzara: Never mind that child. You should worry more about who you are and the nature of the forces that have driven you here.
Player: I'll ... keep that in mind, thanks.
Bonzara: We WILL meet again, Player.
Player: Okay...

Idk, sound mysterious to me...

While the monkeys are maritime they are kinda in the wrong part of the world. I suspect that this was ment as part of a monkey madness sequel which never came to light.

11-Nov-2015 15:25:32



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Wahisietel said:
I doubt the monkeys are relevant. Ninja monkeys were only mentioned in the Pirate quest pitch because, you know, Pirates vs Ninjas.

As adorable as that would be. If we do actually want a Lovecraftian horror in game, I think the pirate quest line needs to get a tad more serious. Which is sad on one hand because the quests so far have been freaking hysterical, which puts Xau Tak in an odd position. Serious or comical, I hope Mod Wilson has a good answer.

14-Nov-2015 18:33:06



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Honestly if we're sticking a tier on Xautak it probably would be somewhere around T5 she certainly has some power but she doesn't really seem like she's going to be able to contend with the other major players of Gilenor.

R'lyeh does further the connection with Xautak and C*hulhu but until I'm missing some description of the underwater city we really don't know anything about it other than that it exists.

The idea of Xautak being trapped somewhat makes sense. This wouldn't even need to be related to Guthix, I could see Saradomin imprisoning Xautak just to clear a home for Hollowvale. Theres a lot of ways to go about it and anything we say will be speculation at best. We do need to figure out how Xautak can have her tentacles here with the edicts still around.

The idea of the skeleton horror being an avatar not just the spirit of the high priest seems somewhat unlikely, mainly due to the fact that the skeletal horror was pretty weak in terms of influence, needing to slowly manipulate an already rather unstable man into doing his bidding. The horror couldn't even possess the man like Bandos did with Zanik. So it seems unlikely.

Also wolf, please stop, you were outright told your theory was incorrect by the J mod who's developing Xautak. Your theory is false. Please stop spamming about it and keep your dignity however little is left of it.

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