Sliske: The Perfect Suicide?

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After FOT*, when you talk with Sliske again once Zaros excommunicates him, depending on your response to his question he eggs you on to attack him.

"Are you going to sic Zaros on me? I don't think so. He's got bigger fish to fry than little old me. Maybe you'll wake up another elder god to squash me like a bug? Maybe that's what I want you to do."

"Come at me, World Guardian. Who knows? You might even win."

Those things he says among other things, along with him killing Guthix and starting a second God Wars which naturally would mess up the Anima Mundi, possibly waking the Elder Gods, suggests that he might actually intend to die. However, Sliske being Sliske (and in my opinion RS' Johan Liebert), he could be setting things up so that everything goes up in flames and dies, effectively making him the last person alive when the universe ends.

The player's relationship with Sliske seems to reflect on that between Dr. Tenma, the main character of Monster, and Johan. Tenma seems obsessed with killing off Johan and is incapable of ignoring him or his deeds. And everywhere Johan went, there was death, psychological terror, and insanity. He shares this confidence with Sliske, and uses similarly indirect methods in dealing with his enemies and collaborators.

He even says that he works best alone, and suggests that he wants to be left alone. It could be that he thinks that life (even godhood) is just a speck in the corner of the universe; gone in a flash. This would explain his confidence and seeming insanity, and the reason for his taking lives as wights to do his bidding; undeath being considered to some an insult to life itself. Undeath may also be considered an insult to balance, and Sliske may have been using necromancy and the Shadow Realm to laugh in Guthix's face.

Please feel free to post your opinions on this.
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I don't think it reflects Tenma and Johan at all.

I get what you're saying, I've seen Monster and think it's phenomenal and the parallels between Sliske and Johan are sometimes there, but I don't think it's suicide Sliske wants. I think it's the exact opposite.
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The perfect suicide? His relief at avoiding ascension would indicate he is after something else or avoiding some fate for now. Like all divine linked beings being drained by the Dragonkin. Though his not wanting to commit something along the lines of suicide by Guardian would not preclude his stumbling along that path unintentionally.

Still if he were to bite the bullet, you can bet he'd have the last laugh and leave something behind for us all to remember him by. We can gather a lot of helpers, that's our superpower, and when the entire universe is after you, you can only run for so long...
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Maybe he wants to die and take... somebody, or something with him? Multiple people, multiple things? Who knows...
I feel like our soul is key in all this.
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