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Deltaslug said:
If the mechanic existed in game, that allowed you to do a quest over (just like the Frem Sagas), would you?

Depends on the quest. If it's a quest with a great storyline and great characterization, and is a joy to play through, then yes I certainly would replay it.

If it's just a tedious slog with overly long and complicated puzzles or just revolving around an overly hard boss fight, probably not.

Quests I'd replay: Most of the cave goblin series, the pirate quests, the penguin series, the dwarf quests, Ritual of the Mahjarrat and its prequels, and some of the more lighthearted standalone quests.

Quests I probably wouldn't replay: Elemental Workshop 3 (difficulty madness), Mournings Ends II (difficulty madness), Salt in the Wound (poor storytelling decisions), Summer's End (difficulty madness).

14-Mar-2019 16:43:15

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