Where was Zaros's Fortress?

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White Eyes32

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Alright, so I remember that Zaros was betrayed in his fortress by Zamorak. Does anyone know where this fortress was? If so, is it a location in-game or at least suggested to be a location in-game? I know there's old Zarosian fortresses like the Slayer Tower and the Demonic Ruins. Red The White: Prime Minister of
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29-Aug-2015 08:31:05

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Ancient Magicks teleports take you to the locations of the fortresses, however Ghorrock is more to the N-W.
Digsite is part of the old Senntisten location which was the capital city of Zarosian empire.
The western walls were on the site where Varrock is today and eastern walls are Digsite.

29-Aug-2015 12:01:41

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According to mod jack's semi-cannon Empty Throne comics, his "fortress" was actually his central and grandest Divine Palace, located in the middle of Senntisten, and full of his priests and loyalist troops. :)

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Would be cool if we could find zaros's old throne room in the far depths of the slums. LIke go into the phenoi* lair or the Demon quest area, and keep going down.

His throne, however delapitated, would stllbe there, and old banners would hang. Maybe even some blood and the old body of zaros would still be down there.
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There is a mysterious volcano waaaay to the north-east part of the wilderness (east of the Rogue's Castle.) Before the 2011 Wilderness Graphic Overhaul Update, there was a bridge on that volcano where you could examine. The examine text would say, "The Gods fought on this bridge." Many people thought this was where Zaros and Zamorak clashed. Now it's gone though, so I don't know if the idea was retconned or something. I worship Mah, for she is mah homegirl! The correct adjective for Mah's followers are: Mahomies, Mah-homeboys, or Mah-homegirls.

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White Eyes32 said:
How is this thread still around? It's bee almost a year since anyone posted to it.
Do you hear that? Oh no, it better not be what I think it is....

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