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Zaxil Nox said:
Some final remarks:
1. Khazard is Zamorak's son. Shocker.
2. Zemouregal is... his own son? Intriguing.
3. Wahisietel is Zaros' and Marimbo's love child. Nah, that's not true. Neither has it been confirmed not to be true...
4. Apparently, "mahjarrat" is no longer capitalised. (Well, it still is in some of the character examines, but I expect those to be updated soon.) Does this (once again) make "mahjarrat" the species' name? I do hope so. I've always found "Dream of Mah" to be a tad... anticlimactic. And inaccurate on top of that, since the muspah are also dreams of Mah.

2. Zemouregal's father was apparently also named Zemouregal. For now, that seems to be basically a bit of interesting and inconsequential trivia.

4. I took that to be a typographical error more than anything else.

29-Nov-2016 20:16:22

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