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Kharshai is easy pickings, seeing how desperate and low in numbers the Mahjarrat remain.
I suspect his only hope of survival would be a God or ourselves interrupting the ritual with bigger news, like Mah and Freneskae. I wouldn't mind seeing Zemouregal attempt an ascension, it fits his ego despite the situation, even if it ends up killing him.

21-Nov-2016 07:31:15

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Hazeel said:
Lethalintent said:
You honestly think Zaros would kill Seren? Christ on a bike.

It's not a question of "if", but "why". Zaros would kill Seren, Azzanadra, the WG...anyone, really, if the benefits outweighed the costs. The question is what benefit could he gain from killing Seren.

Remember that he acts differently next to Seren. Maybe that is a reason to kill her. From far, far away.
I do not ship ZamorakxZaros.
I follow them. And Marimbo, the best t5 god.

21-Nov-2016 08:48:54

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