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Deltaslug said:

Another possibility is they were bankrupted when news started to leak out about Brugsen Bursen creating the Grand Exchange. (Note: King's Ransom was released July 24, 2007, the GE was released Nov 26, 2007).
The market that the players/adventurers don't see fluctuated heavily. So all of the resources they were a part of (similar to people that flip on the GE) cratered in value. Thus, they were bankrupted.
Up to their pixelated eyeballs in debt, they swung a deal to sell their property to the Party Room (then in Seer's Village).
The operators of the Party Room wanted to move to a bigger locale. (Varrock or Ardougne were their first choices, but they couldn't get the permits.) Falador was initially reluctant to also give them a permit to build a new place. But, they didn't have any objections to them re-purposing an existing building. (Didn't hurt that the Party Room made a back room deal to let the White Knights party there free of charge ....... Sir Amik is a bit of a heavy drinker after all ... )

So the family that lived in the mansion managed to pay off their debts, but are now living quietly in some non-descript part of the game world.

If I recall correctly, there was only the one snobbish woman living there. But I like this explanation.

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