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Lord Pyro I said:
- I do in fact believe that the player will at some stage travel back in time to the 2nd age and interract with the Zarosians and Xau-Tak. Not only does Xau know about us but in the haunted house quest (whatever it's called) we find our own name in the signing book of a zarosian asylum.

Death at Sea (a lore book from Kindred Spirits) recounts Sliske visiting Nabor's Asylum (the same one below the house in Broken Home). It states:

When I approached the cell I found the human inside lying on a pallet of straw. I noticed that he was not bound, but was in a filthy condition and missing his left leg and right foot. On seeing me he crawled on his belly across the flagstones and pulled himself up using the bars. What he said next was...unusual. I cannot get the words out of my mind, nor the intensity with which he spoke them;

'Do you really think you can save them, (Player Name)? You can't. The spiral of time leads only to the gaping maw of eternity. And this is Xau-Tak.'

So our names are on the book in the asylum since Xau-tak already knew of us back then and made a fuss at the asylum. It still begs the question as to how Xau knew of us back then, but it does cover our name being in the book.

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I have my own idea: we are the 6th elder god.

In the Magister's journal, he mentions a soul 'of divine origin' that has manifested as many different beings, yet is still one entity.

RuneScape is a MMORPG and there are millions of players in the game, who can even interact with each other (chat, trading, dueling, etc.) Yet all the player characters are, in a sense, one entity. This sounds a bit like what the Magister was talking about, but there's more....the Magister also knows about us, he has performed a lot of experiments with the express purpose of attracting us. He also mentions dying many times to an enemy he refers to using the singular 'they'. Why would he use the gender-neutral pronoun? Maybe he's talking about a single being in many bodies, both male and female, and those bodies are player characters (who keep killing him).

Obviously he thinks the player character is special in a BIG way, since he's never met us but is still obsessed with attracting us to his obelisk.

In this theory, the 6th elder god is 'not of form' because it actually inhabits many bodies which are no longer united except on a metaphysical level. And those bodies are the player characters (and possibly some NPCs, such as player spoofs).

Of course, one might suggest that since the player is the World Guardian, they can't become a god. But the World Guardian powers don't necessarily apply to elder gods (Jas after all can still kill you if you insult her, which indicates that elder gods' powers might be of a different nature, and the sixth elder god's power more different still). There's also a big difference between ascending to godhood yourself and being a non-singular manifestation of an elder god.
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1. The WG powers do apply to Elder God Magic as well. The WG powers drastically reduce the influence of non-permitted god magic on us, but they don't completely annul it (Death of Chivalry: Saradomin can still blast you into the wall).

We know that this applies to Elder God magic as well given the events of Fate of the Gods. The following quote describes this quite well:

Zaros: Mah returns to her slumber. You were lucky to survive. Were you anyone but the World Guardian, your essence would now be scattered across Freneskae.

2. The split soul of divine origin is very clearly separate from the player as we are referenced as an individual back in the second journal, while the fourth (the one that reference's the split divine soul) describes a phenomenon he just recently observed.

It seems far more likely to describe the shattered remnants of Guthix's soul (which we've seen form entities like Kami (the Memory) and Treborn) or Tumeken (whose soul apparently makes up the minor desert gods). Clearly, powerful soul(s) of divine origin whose pieces have manifested as singular entities.

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Bonzara said:
I have my own idea: we are the 6th elder god.

In the Magister's journal, he mentions a soul 'of divine origin' that has manifested as many different beings, yet is still one entity.

Huh, I was under the impression the general consensus was that he was referring to Tumeken, evidently not. The journals in question chronicle Oreb's discoveries in the Kharidian desert (it references the smoke dungeon among other things), and Tumeken fits the description perfectly. Seems strange to me that books written in Tumeken's backyard would refer to a completely seperate shattered deity.

Tumeken was a god (so he is "divine" ), and we know for a fact his soul is seperated into several distinct entities. Het, Crondis, Apmeken and Scabaras all act independently but we know they collectively represent Tumeken's Ba. And Amascut established contact with his collective consciousness in 'Phite Club using the Soul Altar machine (you could argue it's just the part of his soul that's in the heart but I find that unlikely).
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Don't dare to think that any being is more powerful than an Elder God, it's just that they've taken a very long time and huge effort in shaping their worlds, all up till the perfect one, Gielinor, and frankly, letting any form of life capable of harming the universe and its vast amount of anima would be sheer suicide, meaning no more or much less energy to pass on to the next life and to create new stuff.

I sincerely think that the ones who've created every form of mass, energy and life that we know would at least have thought about or prepared for the eventually where, you know, all their stuff could get wrecked by malicious exterior forces.

Imagine having a base where you've gathered all your resources and allies, and suddenly there's this swarm of creatures coming out of the void to potentially kill everything that stands in their path. Luckily you've built an entire dome to deflect anything trying to breach your hub, but now there's a hole in it. Now how would you feel about that?

Imagine that some creatures with less great intentions have learnt a way to survive the harsh circumstances of the void,and that they're are longing for a place with a much bettter survival rate to sustain their form of life - you know, here. The Elders have already had to deal with 'outsiders' trying to outlive, like the Dragonkin, maybe they've realized at some point that negociating is not the best option.

Maybe they tried to kill it exactly the way they are planning to kills us - you know, like tearing things apart with a force the young gods couldn't have imagined with all their powers combined - guess that option didn't work out so well either, it might've required too much time and effort.

There are just so many maybes- maybe finally constructing a humongous bubble of unknown substance capable of antagonizing the elements residing within the void was the best freaking way to deal with all the stuff floating beyond the edge .
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