Inherent spellcasting ability?

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The "inherent" magic of certain races like demons or the Mahjarrat comes from the fact that they are essentially just magic energy incarnate, originating either as creations of elder gods, or from anima mundi directly (like Vorago) which is also why they seem to start just fading away if they use too much magic. Unlike magic-based organisms, biological organisms like humans, dwarves, aviansie, etc. need to draw energy from something else in order to use magic, and these sources all either directly or indirectly come from anima mundi and/or elder gods.

Different races on different worlds have found different methods for harnessing different sources of anima energy or residual energy left behind by elder gods when they made the planets.

Pretty much all magic is just the energy of anima mundi in one form or another. The elder gods harvest energy from the anima mundi in planets in order to create more planets to grow more anima mundi and so on (kinda like a chicken and egg situation).

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