Inherent spellcasting ability?

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From Lore q&a (page 7)

Damp Dogger said:

What races DO generally need runes for standard magic

Mod Stu:
Those that don't have an inherent spellcasting ability.


And apparently races of the lower planes like vampyres can do such a thing.

What does Stu mean by "inherent spellcasting ability" and what relations does it have to the moonclan?

This terminology doesn't make sense because the definition of a spell is an incantation, ritual, magical gesture, or invocations used to cause a magical effect, and "spellcasting" is merely the verb form of doing magic. Yet, humans are known to cast spells using words and rituals too. We technically do have "spellcasting abilities," but what I do not understand is the inherent part? How is reciting words verbally (or if you are really talented, in your head) inherent? I don't think the Ga'al or Kennith know any wacky incantations at all.

What Mod Stu said contradicts what Mod Jack says on page 6 about Abyssal Demon magic..

How do Abyssal Demons teleport? Are they small blinks or spells?

Mod Jack:
Most demons have magical abilities of one sort of another. These are inherent and probably
don't count as "spells" in that they don't need runes.
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