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Svigris said:
Hazeel said:
It seemed like the opposite to me. Zamorak seems more interested in an all-ecompassing chaos where people survive, adapt, or die. Zaros seems far more passive about it, he talks about working with specific individuals, and only trying to encourage people to seek strength, allowing them to make the active choice on their own.

I think we are agreeing here. Zamorak tends to try to apply his approach to as many as he can and reaps the results of it. While Zaros tries for much more controlled results at greater expenses.

To me the main difference between the two, is that nowhere in Zamorak's philosophy does he claim he is needed to raise others up. Zamorak just helps where he can like any mortal might and supports self improvement and growth. Zaros's philosophy suggests he personally is the inspiration for growth and required to help individuals he chooses to raise up. Zamorak would never claim to have the authority to decide who gets "chosen" which is why he approaches more people (i.e. he's not picking people just helping anyone who shows promise).
"The greatest endeavors are achieved because of their selfless intent"

09-Jul-2016 00:04:44

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