Worst and best quests stories

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Best quests storywise: Well, Chosen Commander is the best of the cave goblin series. As far as standalones go, One Piercing Note is also great. And then there's the World Wakes, and Children of Mah.

As far as the worst quest storywise, let's leave out quests that don't really have a story like Monk's Friend and Clock Tower and focus on quests that tried to tell a story but failed.

With that criteria, Salt in the Wound is the overall worst. An anticlimactic ending to a promising series, with humor that's more in place with the pirate quest series than the dark and creepy Sea Slug series. Instead of a satisfying finale like Chosen Commander or Shadow of the Storm or even Plagues End, we get a hideously rushed quest where Kennith is suddenly grown up purely because he felt like it, Col Niall is dealt with offscreen in easily missed dialogue that seems more like an afterthought than anything else, and the main antagonist Mother Mallum (who was so dangerous a previous generation had her imprisoned by a magical seal) is squashed by a conveniently placed pillar.

It did not at all feel like a natural conclusion. It's like going in expecting Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and instead getting some bad Harry Potter fanfic in which Voldemort slips on a banana peel and impales himself on a sharp rock. That's what it felt like. The Sea Slug series deserved better. It was the most blatant case of 'They just didn't care' in Runescape quest and lore history.

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