OSRS and RS3 Lore: Comparison

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Well, apparently all the established backstory is the same. It's just that some of the stories take different routes in the present day, as seen in Monkey Madness II (Glough and balloon assistant Le Smith both die, as does monkey guard Kruk), Dragon Slayer II (Bob the Cat dies whereas in RS3 he's still very much around - a nod to Schroedinger's cat, perhaps?), and A Taste of Hope (Kael Foreshaw outlives Mekritus, who is killed by the Abomination, whereas in RS3's Lord of Vampyrium, Kael dies before Mekritus during Lord Drakan's 'Blood hunt'. Also, Andiess Julp, Flaygian Screwte, and Ranis Drakan die in very different circumstances and places).

But the basic backstories of the dragonkin, the vampyres, and so forth are still intact. 'A Taste of Hope' uses much of what's established in the later Myreque quests (the trueborn vampyre houses and so forth) even as the storyline takes a few different turns (such as the player defeating Ranis Drakan before a crowd of Meiyerditch citizens as opposed to Vanescula killing Ranis in the arboretum anteroom). The new dragonkin character introduced in 'Dragon Slayer II' (Zorgoth) references the dragonkin's being cursed to be bonded to the Stone of Jas, and there's generally a sense that character histories are pretty much the same in both RS3 and OSRS.

However, we can expect some new twists and turns going forward.

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