Christmas 2014

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The Diango's workshop event -- one of my all-time favorite Christmas events. It has its faults (I think it'd be better if Rosie and Santa just gave us the respective rewards themselves instead of sending us back to Diango), but it is full of charm and wit.

Rosie, in particular, has always been one of my favorite holiday characters. Try asking her about pixies, or asking her if you can keep decorations for yourself. Great stuff, there, and made me want to see more of Rosie in later events/quests/activities. As for the rest of the pixies, my headcanon has it that Cormac (the one with the saw) works for Diango the rest of the year, too, and constantly has to fix Diango's toy stall when it gets damaged by nearby skillers. And he probably is assisted by Ronan, the pixie that shares his name with a certain J-Mod. :)

I notice that Santa/bearded stranger looks different this time around. Back in 2005, he was thinner and wearing green robes. But I guess since we all know who he is anyway, and there's a new Santa suit out this year, we can throw subtlety to the wind and have him look more like Santa has looked in his appearances since 2008.

The Anti-Santa side-event is interesting. His description says it best. 'Bah humbug' doesn't even begin to describe his feelings. If Santa is the Anthropomorphic Personification of good will and kindness, then Anti-Santa is the Personification of bitterness and cynicism.

And the tree. Love the nod to 'Troll Romance' in the description, as well as the view we get when it's fully decorated. It's sad that the music that plays during that brief scene isn't in the Music Player (though I DO have a MIDI of it from 2005, and I play it alongside the MIDI of Diango's Little Helpers every year when I decorate my tree).

All in all, Diango's workshop is a fun place, and I wouldn't mind seeing Rosie and the rest of the pixies again to help out during holidays (or ask us to help them, or whatever).

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