Four Day Godwars Event

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Four Day Godwars Event!

February 20- Athina and Ghanburi, Zammy Mass, 1 hour after reset (so techincally feb 21 at 1:00 game time)
February 21- Pur and sKilla, Saradomin Hard Mode Mass, 21:00 game time
February 22- Erehk, Bandos Hard Mode Mass, 1 hour after reset. (so technically feb 23 at 1:00 game time)
February 23- sKilla, Armadyl Hard Mode Mass, 23:00 game time.

World: 37

Meet: At the respectable god's dungeon door. Make sure you come a bit early to get your kill count. :)

FC: Mod Events

Meet: Godwars Dungeon

Brief description: With the new master quest cape out, some players will be looking for godwars books. I think it would be nice for the community to host a 4-day godwars bossing event to get the book requirement done.
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