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Its party time!

You have a party to host but no time to organize it yourself and oh goodness Party Pete is unavailable too!
For this competition we are asking you to tell us
which NPC in RuneScape you would choose to organize this party for you and why you would choose him/her in particular!

- 7 days membership
- 200 RuneCoins
- Bonus XP Lamp

*Terms and Conditions
*Keep your idea to one post only - posts that span more than one will be discounted.
*This competition will close at 10:00 Game Time on 1st August
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30-Jul-2015 10:56:56

Feb Member 2015


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Well, if Party Pete is unavailable, maybe Pumpkin Pete can help. I remember the Hallowe'en 2010 event, that was one hell of a party. Even though Pumpkin Pete needed some help from us, we managed to get one groovy party going, I would love my party to be like that! Signatures are overrated.

31-Jul-2015 11:25:56



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I would choose Gypsy Aris from the Varrock clothes shop! She can provide entertainment for guests by reading fortunes, telling tales about the great adventures of the past, and for those party guests who are super excited, she can show them Dimensions of Disaster, and send them on a puzzle hunt in new Varrock! Road to 5.4!

31-Jul-2015 12:00:05

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For my party, I chose Death to organise it (for four reasons).

1. He has a good taste in music.
2. His house is good, his citadel ROCKS!!!
3. He's equipped to deal with even the most rowdy attendants.
4. He can invite dead people, because he can.

31-Jul-2015 12:53:30



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I would bring Sliske. Not only can he hold twice the capacity with his ability to control the Shadow realm but with Sliske, you never know what kind of tricks he has up his sleeve.

It would make for an interesting unique party experience.
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31-Jul-2015 13:28:57

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Oh that's easy: Akthanakos.

- He has a camel head
- Despite the probable "desert" theme, I promise the party won't be deserted.
- Camel party guests
- Party will be on a Wednesday for obvious reasons
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31-Jul-2015 15:03:53 - Last edited on 31-Jul-2015 17:56:24 by Beeman



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Ozan! no contest there really! Who else has the party spirit like him? he would also get any items required for the party at a really really low price! He's also a good friend of mine and for that i would pick him even over party pete. [spoiler]The biggest lore nerd you'll ever meet. [darkorchid]Zarosian duh :P[/darkorchid]

31-Jul-2015 16:07:18

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For me, I could only have one NPC organize a party in my honor. This NPC, I helped free from his millennia long prison, and in return he taught me long lost knowledge. Later, we built a temple together that made me feel like I belonged in my faction of choice, before emissaries even roamed Gielinor. We stood fast against a ritual of magical beings that required a sacrifice of one of their own for the rest to survive. We later found ourselves in Guthix's temple, and we both mourned the loss of such a knowledgeable being, we only wanted to wake him not slay him. Finally, he was there when I met my own God in person, and showed my devotion by restoring him to the world. That's right, I'm talking about my companion who has been in my pocket this entire time; my
pet rock.
Rocky, only you know me better than anyone else, and I know your party would just rock.
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