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Events Guide, Calendar & Chat

Hello everyone!

Here you will find all of the information that you will need to start organizing community events of your own. You may also find some useful tips from weathered and veteran event organizers on how to set up events, get a good turnout and make your event a success!

Before we begin, RuneScape has an in-game clock that gives the official "Game Time". This is a reference point for everyone, and will allow you to set your event at a specific time in the game, thus avoiding all the confusing time zone conversion shenanigans. It is also worth noting that if you see a little icon above the clock, hovering over it will show information about the next J/PMod event.

This is the official game time (which is equivalent to UTC):

Happy Scaping!
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RuneScape Events Calendar

Below is the official RuneScape community events calendar, which is maintained by the PMod Events team - otherwise known as the "Pink Skirts". The calender is aimed to be a hub for all events within the RuneScape community. You are welcome to have any or all of your events on the calendar to help improve event attendance.

If you'd like to submit an event of your own to be added to the calendar, please use the template given below. You are advised to post a template at least the week before your event is due to start to give both enough time for the event to be added to the calendar, and for the rest of the community to acknowledge your event.

(Event Name)
Brief description/quick find code:

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Guide to Hosting Events

If you're hosting an event then you'll obviously want other players to come along! When writing up an event thread you will want to include the activity, date, time, location, and world at the very least. Depending on the nature of your event, you may also want to include the name of a friends chat that you will use. Here is a handy guide that has been compiled for the community by some of our veteran Events PMods.

Basic details to consider when planning events

I want to host a Giant Mole event! Will I be okay as long as I include "giant mole" somewhere in the details?
In many cases, events are self-explanatory, so you may not need to describe the activity much at all. However, if there are basic requirements or items that other players will need to bring (as in the case of the giant mole), it may be useful to include this information as well.

I want my conga line event to be HUGE! When can I hold my event so that a lot of people will come?
Unfortunately, there's no clear answer to this one! Depending on the time of the year and other players' real life schedules, attendance can vary greatly. Generally speaking, however, weekends are an ideal time to hold an event. You may consider creating a poll on your event's thread to determine which dates and times work best.

Location, location, location! All I have to do is tell people my event is in the wilderness and I'm all set, right?
In many cases, yes, but if you will be in dangerous areas like the wilderness, it might be nice to remind people not to bring valuable items with them.

Does it really matter what world my event is held on?
It could! First of all, you will want to consider whether your event will be open to all players or just members. If you are hosting an event that corresponds with a themed world (such as Stealing Creation), think about whether you want to hold your event on that themed world or on another world.

Tips for new event hosts

All event hosts have to start at some point! Organizing your first few events can be a little tricky, but you can make sure things go smoothly by reviewing this section of the guide.

I have never hosted an event before but would like to do so. Where should I begin?
It's a good idea to start right here on the forums! Post a thread listing the basic information that others need to know about your event and be sure to write up a template on this thread for the calendar.

How far in advance should I plan events?
At first, it's a good idea to plan your events at least one or two weeks in advance so that there is more time to spread the word. If your event requires a lot of preparation or you want an extraordinarily large crowd, you may want to plan further in advance.

Nobody came to my first event. Should I just give up?
Not at all! Think about what you can do to improve the next event's turnout. Maybe you should consider planning it at a more convenient time or give another activity a try. Never give up!

I love events but I don't feel comfortable organizing them by myself! Should I simply attend events that other players plan?
Many people would rather attend another player's event than host their own, and that's fine! However, you can also ask a friend to organize an event with you. That way, you can lead events without being the one and only leader.

What time is it? My time is different than yours!
The RuneScape in-game clock will tell you the time in UTC. Head over to the Options Menu and navigate to Interface Settings. Under one of the dropdown menus is a UTC Clock that you can toggle on / off. You can use this to compare to your time at home. The clock is also available on the first post of this thread. There are also some Time Conversion charts available which are listed just below the guide.

How can I get Jagex to promote my event?
Send an email to; give the name of the event, date, time (in GameTime), place and world plus a breif description including the qfc to your forum thread. There is no guarentee that Jagex will be able to advertise your event though Community Management are always happy to help when they can.

Can I use social media to let everyone know about my event?
Yes, definitely. Include @RuneScape in your tweets and advertise your upcoming event. Follow JMods and other RuneScape players and ask them to retweet as well.

Promoting events on the forums

The forums are obviously a great resource for promoting events. There are different forum sections that you can use depending on the kinds of events you are interested in hosting or attending.

Which forum should I use to organize a team for a PvM activity?
The Teamwork forum can be used if you would like to organize a group for activities such as boss trips and social slayer.

I am getting close to a 99 and would like to host a party. Where can I post the details?
The Events and Competitions forum is the best place to promote events such as 99 parties.

I would like to host a conga line event twice per month! Which forum should I use to spread the word?
The Events and Competitions forum can also be used to promote events that will take place on a regular basis.

Where can I organize a group for dungeoneering?
If you would like to find dungeoneering partners, try using the Teamwork forum.

I would love to hunt penguins with other players! Where should I look?
You can check the Minigames and D&Ds forum if you are interested in finding groups for such activities.
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Time Conversion Charts

Conversion Chart valid November 4, 2018 6-9 am GMT until March 10, 2019 7-10 am GMT
GMT--|| PST ---CST -- EST---| GMT -- CET ---|AWST--AEDT--NZDT

12AM || 04PM--06PM--07PM-|-12AM--01AM-|-08AM--11AM--01PM
01AM || 05PM--07PM--08PM-|-01AM--02AM-|-09AM--12PM--02PM
02AM || 06PM--08PM--09PM-|-02AM--03AM-|-10AM--01PM--03PM
03AM || 07PM--09PM--10PM-|-03AM--04AM-|-11AM--02PM--04PM
04AM || 08PM--10PM--11PM-|-04AM--05AM-|-12PM--03PM--05PM
05AM || 09PM--11PM--12AM-|-05AM--06AM-|-01PM--04PM--06PM
06AM || 10PM--12AM--01AM-|-06AM--07AM-|-02PM--05PM--07PM
07AM || 11PM--01AM--02AM-|-07AM--08AM-|-03PM--06PM--08PM
08AM || 12AM--02AM--03AM-|-08AM--09AM-|-04PM--07PM--09PM
09AM || 01AM--03AM--04AM-|-09AM--10AM-|-05PM--08PM--10PM
10AM || 02AM--04AM--05AM-|-10AM--11AM-|-06PM--09PM--11PM
11AM || 03AM--05AM--06AM-|-11AM--12PM-|-07PM--10PM--12AM
12PM || 04AM--06AM--07AM-|-12PM--01PM-|-08PM--11PM--01AM
01PM || 05AM--07AM--08AM-|-01PM--02PM-|-09PM--12AM--02AM
02PM || 06AM--08AM--09AM-|-02PM--03PM-|-10PM--01AM--03AM
03PM || 07AM--09AM--10AM-|-03PM--04PM-|-11PM--02AM--04AM
04PM || 08AM--10AM--11AM-|-04PM--05PM-|-12AM--03AM--05AM
05PM || 09AM--11AM--12PM-|-05PM--06PM-|-01AM--04AM--06AM
06PM || 10AM--12PM--01PM-|-06PM--07PM-|-02AM--05AM--07AM
07PM || 11AM--01PM--02PM-|-07PM--08PM-|-03AM--06AM--08AM
08PM || 12PM--02PM--03PM-|-08PM--09PM-|-04AM--07AM--09AM
09PM || 01PM--03PM--04PM-|-09PM--10PM-|-05AM--08AM--10AM
10PM || 02PM--04PM--05PM-|-10PM--11PM-|-06AM--09AM--11AM
11PM || 03PM--05PM--06PM-|-11PM--12AM-|-07AM--10AM--12PM
GMT = Greenwich Mean Time
North America:

PST = Pacific Standard Time
C(S)T = Central Standard Time
EST = Eastern Standard Time

GMT = Greenwich Mean Time
C(E)T = Central European Time

AWST = Australian Western Standard Time
AEDT = Australian Eastern Daylight Time
NZDT = New Zealand Daylight Time
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Thank you to Collin892, Mageguy445, My Wiz In Me & Sseuss, as well as the rest of the Pink Skirts events team for providing the original information on the previous thread. Their efforts are immortalised in post three. ^_^

Please feel free to ask away if you have any questions! There are plenty of veteran event hosts who will be happy to help.

You may now post! :)
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