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Shady Nick

Shady Nick

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Hello all, I am creating a new weekly forum competition. with one prize each week up for grabs - PRIZE.

The competition is as simple as it could possibly be. Make me laugh. There are no special rules or requirements for this competition - text, images, or GIFs may be used to try and complete this task.

Every Sunday at Reset the prize will be awarded to the player that gave me the biggest laugh. I may open up second and third prizes in the future, but for now winner takes all.

Alright guys, next reset is in 6+ days! MML!

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Shady Nick

Shady Nick

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This informative post by
should help as a guide for what is and isn't allowed. She has kindly reminded us of the two very important rules listed below. Thank you

Per the Forum Specific Rules:

To be clear, you may post that prizes are being given away, but you can't state what they are...

There are images being posted that are against the forum rules. The images I've hidden include content that is not allowed, such as: sexual content, bodily functions, swearing, and negative ethnic stereotyping. Kebab Seller and Krista, please ensure that future images are within the forum rules.

As the author of the thread, Shady Nick, you should not be encouraging images with inappropriate content. In other words, please do not quote posts that contain images with such content.

Since it's Monday and your competition runs weekly, when you are ready for the next round, please create a fresh, new thread that complies with the forum rules.

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