The Fate of Romeo

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This is for all the longtime RuneScape players, and all those who did the Romeo and Juliet quest again on their other accounts before it was removed.

The full title is 'The Fate Of Romeo and Juliet', or 'Whatever Happened to Romeo and Juliet?' but those titles are too long for the thread title.

This is a story in three acts, involving an adventurer's efforts to uncover the truth.

Act One: The Tramp's Story.

Act Two: Further Explanations

Act Three: Conclusion

For fun, see how many references to other RuneScape quests, and references to the original Shakespeare play, I work into this story. :)

The story is complete. After you finish reading, let me know what you think.

EDIT: This story is set before the end of the 5th Age and before the return of the Gods. The present day events are shortly after Romeo and Juliet disappeared from Varrock.

NEW EDIT: Since you can still play the Romeo and Juliet quest in OSRS, I highly recommend you do so that you can understand this story, which is a sort of sequel (or sequels) to it.

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The Fate Of Romeo and Juliet

It was another bright, sunshiney day in Gielinor. Of course, the days were always full of sunshine, unless one happened to be in Morytania, or in the Wilderness, or near Draynor Manor. Those places seem to have some sort of pervasive gloom that persists regardless of the time of day or the weather. But I digress.

Anyway, I had decided this day to take a stroll through Varrock, as I had on numerous occasions. After a quick teleport, I found myself in Varrock Square. I looked around, pondering what I was going to do while I was there. Maybe I would go to Aubury's to pick up some more essences. Or maybe I'd go to Thessalia's to check out the newest fashions.

However, as my gaze swept across Varrock Square, I couldn't help thinking that something was different. Something was missing.

Oh, sure, Varrock Square looked much as it always had since the last refurbishing. The fountain in the center was still filled with running water, Baraek the fur seller and Benny the newspaper vendor were still selling their wares, and the dwarf craftsman was still at his stall working on new creations.

After a moment, I realized what was wrong. Where was Romeo?

Romeo Gontamue had been a constant presence in Varrock Square ever since I was a new adventurer straight off Tutorial Island. Though he was a noble, I did not know just where he lived, though I assumed it was somewhere in East Varrock. I never bothered to ask.

All I really knew about Romeo was that he was a romantic sort who loved to chase the ladies. He was especially enamored with Juliet Leptoc, the daughter of a nobleman who lived in a large house on the outskirts of Varrock. However, Romeo was more than a little scatterbrained. In fact, he seemed downright idiotic. Though he claimed to love Juliet deeply, he sometimes had these strange attacks where he had trouble remembering just what attracted him to her, and even got her name wrong on a few occasions.


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When I first met him, he sent me on a quest to unite him with Juliet. He could not go and see Juliet himself because her father, Draul Leptoc, had forbid her from seeing him and was threatening physical harm on Romeo if he were to come to visit. So I had to go and meet Juliet and deliver her message back to him. Juliet, it seemed, had fallen for Romeo, and so had her cousin Phillipa. Phillipa was supposedly there to keep an eye on Juliet, but looking back I suppose I should have suspected what was really going on.

Anyway, I got the message past Draul Leptoc easily enough. Draul, in my dealings with him, always appeared to be an angry, aggressive man, but his bark had been far worse than his bite. It was easy to convince him that I was just running errands and buying groceries for Juliet since he had grounded her. I found him kind of amusing, to tell the truth, though I would never have said that to his face.

Despite this, Romeo was generally nervous when he received the message from Juliet informing him that though she had great affection for him, her father opposed their marriage and would kill Romeo if he saw him again. I asked Juliet about this later, and she mentioned that her father was quite the hunter, and the animal head trophies on the wall were of animals he had hunted. So Draul Leptoc, despite how comical he might have come across, possibly had a dark side.

Romeo wasn't taking any chances. For a while, after reading the end of the message, which stated that their only hope was that their longtime confidant Father Lawrence could help them, Romeo was ready to give up. He went all melodramatic and weepy, claiming their love was doomed. It took me a long time to remind him about the last part of the message. And then he suggested, with some spoonerisms, that I visit Father Lawrence in East Varrock to get some advice.


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Father Lawrence had a very strange plan. His plan was to have the Apothecary create a potion from Cadava berries that would put one in a sleep simulating death. Juliet would take this potion, and therefore would be removed from the house to the crypt, since everyone would believe she was dead except for those in on the plan. He assured me he'd explain the whole plan to Romeo, and I got the berries and made the potion at the Apothecary. Along the way, I met Romeo, who assured me he knew what to do and that Father Lawrence had explained it to him.

So I met with Juliet, and gave her the potion. After some initial reluctance, she went along with the plan. Phillipa was in on it, and after some coaching did some good acting to persuade Draul Leptoc that Juliet was dead. So Juliet was taken to the crypt, and I spoke with Romeo. And I should have known things would fall apart there, as Romeo seemed to be forgetting the details of the plan already. "What potion?" he asked. "The potion that will make her appear dead." I had to remind him.
So we went to the crypt, and Romeo approached Juliet. And he'd clearly forgotten about the potion again already, for he thought Juliet was dead. "Oh dear ... you seem to be dead."

And then Phillipa showed up, introduced herself and offered to meet up with him later, and Romeo accepted. And then, the quest ended. Nonsensically enough, I was rewarded even though I'd failed in the goal to get Romeo and Juliet together. Romeo still believed Juliet was dead, and Juliet returned to the Leptoc household upset that Romeo never came for her after she waited in the crypt for a long time.

Time passed, and I've lost count of how many quests I've done since then. I've slain Elvarg, saved the Grand Tree, performed a dozen or more heroic rescues, and passed the Fremmenik Trials, among other things.

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But every time I returned to Varrock, Romeo was there in the square, still believing that Juliet had died, but getting along well with her cousin. The Apothecary told me that Romeo HAD seen Juliet again since then, but thought she was a ghost.

I didn't really have any major interactions with Romeo or the others again until Zemouregal attacked Varrock Palace with his zombie army. To save the day, I needed to find a living descendant of the man who had helped Arrav save Varrock the previous time Zemouregal's army had invaded. As it turned out, the Gontamues and the Leptocs both had ancestors who were living in Varrock at the time. But Romeo turned out not to be the descendant needed, and neither were the Leptocs. Juliet told me that her great-great-grandfather was adopted into the Leptoc family, and she and her father were not blood relations of Damar Leptoc. The last descendant of the Leptoc line was Breana Leptoc, who married into the Fitzharmon family.

With that helpful bit of information, I was able to find the descendant and save Varrock. Aside from that, Romeo unwittingly helped provide some distraction when I needed to steal something from the dwarf craftsman's stall to give to the Thieves' Guild. But otherwise, he was just there, in Varrock Square, talking about how he was getting along well with Juliet's cousin.

And now he wasn't.

He was nowhere to be seen in Varrock Square. Perhaps, if I looked around, I might find just where he had gone.

First, I looked in Varrock Church. Father Lawrence was there, still preaching dull sermons to a congregation of two sleeping people. But there was no sign of Romeo. Father Lawrence was less than helpful, as he was more interested in talking about being a father in times of whiskey than in discussing anything else.

So I went to the Leptoc's house, where I got my next major shock.

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The house was deserted. The furniture was still in place: Draul Leptoc's hunting trophies still adorned the wall of the entrance, and Juliet's room was still decorated in pink. But there was no sign of Draul Leptoc, Juliet, or Phillipa. What was going on here?

So I went and asked around. The Apothecary had nothing to say about Romeo or the Leptocs. Everyone else I asked, from the smithing instructor to Zaff to Thessalia to the other shopkeepers, told me "I don't know.", "Sorry, I can't help you there.", or even "Who?"

It was shortly after leaving Lowe's archery shop that I was accosted by a tramp. I recognized the tramp. He was the guy who threw rotten tomatoes at imprisoned thieves in the cages, in the small yard behind Lowe's shop.

"Hey!" he said. "You want to know what happened to that Romeo guy? I can tell you, but keep it hush-hush."

He led me to the yard with the three cages, which was now deserted aside from me and the tramp.

"You're going to tell me what's going on? I didn't know you talked to anyone!" I said, in genuine surprise.

"Girl, I'm not like those other tramps. The guards give me enough coins to buy food, as long as I help them punish thieves. So I don't have to go begging from passersby the way other tramps around here do." the tramp replied.

"Okay," I said. "But you claim you know what happened to Romeo?"

"Yes." the tramp said. "I know what happened to Romeo, and Juliet, and the rest as well. But let me warn you that you might not like the answer. Are you sure you want me to tell you the whole, sordid story?"

"Yes. I've come this far." I told him.

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"Okay, it all started just the other day, when King Roald invited most of the nobility to attend a dinner at Varrock Palace. Draul Leptoc and Juliet were invited, as was Romeo, Aeonisig Raispher, and a few visiting nobles from Kandarin. Sir Amik Varze was invited, but he could not attend, so he sent his squire Greco in his place. It seemed that all was well, but then tragedy struck."

"The morning of the day the banquet was to occur, Juliet's cousin Phillipa was found dead just west of the Leptoc house. She had apparently fallen from the west balcony after being struck by a spear."

I gasped. "Phillipa was murdered?!?"

He went on. "The spear matched the type used by the barbarians of Barbarian Village, and a helmet similiar to those worn by the barbarians was found by the body. Draul Leptoc proclaimed that this was clearly an act of war. Romeo, meanwhile, saw the guards bringing in Phillipa's body, and ran off somewhere. He wasn't seen again until the dinner."

"You mean they still had the dinner even after that?" I asked.

The tramp nodded. "Yes, the plans had already been made and it was too late to change. But everyone knew that in light of what had just happened, the tone would be somber."

"Now, I wasn't there when it happened, but one of the guards I speak to on a regular basis was. So I believe this is a reliable account of just what happened."

And as he spoke, I felt almost as if I was transported to the scene, much in the way I had when others had told their stories during my travels.

The banquet hall of Varrock Palace was filled nearly to capacity, with only a few empty seats at the three tables.


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At the first table near the south entrance leading to the throne room sat King Roald, Queen Ellamaria, Roald's advisor Aeonisig Raispher, and Reldo the librarian. At the table on the northwest side of the room sat Draul Leptoc, Juliet, and a lord and lady from Ardougne. At the table on the northeast side sat Romeo Gontamue, Ambassador Ferrnook, Greco the squire, and Father Lawrence.

"The meal looks like it will be delicious." said the Ardougne Lord.

"Indeed, I cannot wait to dig right in." said the lady.

"Today's meal was prepared by our newly hired cook, Cordero." King Roald proclaimed. "The first, we hope, of many grand banquets he will prepare for us."

"He used to work as a cooking tutor in Lumbridge." Queen Ellamaria added. "But then one day he was dismissed, and told his services were no longer required. And since Lumbridge Castle already had a cook with a guaranteed job, he waited around until the Cooking Guild found him another assignment. I was quick to hire him, and so far he's worked out nicely."

"Indeed he has." King Roald said. "Before we partake in the wonderful meal before us, a toast."

He raised his glass. "To Varrock. Long may she stand, defending Misthalin from its enemies and bringing peace and prosperity to Gielinor." He then took a glance at the visiting dignitaries. "And to continued peaceful relations with Asgarnia and Kandarin."
He then drank from his glass, as did the others present.

Ambassador Ferrnook spoke up. "Ah, yes. You spoke of Misthalin's enemies? Are you referring to things like the army of zombies that invaded this castle some time ago?"

"Yes." said King Roald. "But Zemouregal and his minions are only a few. As you have probably heard, north of us lies the Wilderness. It is a domain of evil, and has been ever since the God Wars. Once a beautiful and prosperous land like ours, but now home only to demons, monsters, and the undead."

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Aenosig Raispher spoke up. "In addition, we are bordered on the east by Morytania. Morytania is a blighted land, ruled by blood-sucking monsters. It is fortunate that the River Salve has been blessed to prevent the monsters from crossing over into Misthalin, or else we would be in even greater danger. Indeed, I hear rumors that some have managed to find ways to cross the border anyway."

Sir Prysin then spoke. "And then there are the dark mages to the south of us. However, since Gypsy Aris sent that adventurer to deal with Delrith, the mages have been mostly quiet."

"The same cannot be said of the barbarians to the west of us." Draul Leptoc added. "Most of you are aware of the tragedy that occured this morning. For years, the barbarians have been waiting on the border until they were ready to wage war once again, and now I believe they are planning the first strike."

"Seems unlikely." Squire Greco chimed in. "The Barbarian Village has stayed put on the Misthalin-Asgarnia border for over a hundred years now. I've even had a few discussions with my master, Sir Amik Varze, on the matter. He says it's unlikely the barbarians will go to war against either Varrock or Falador, for they know they are outnumbered. They're not much of a threat unless they summon their Fremmenik bretheren from the west to help them, and the White Knights' sources say the inhabitants of Relleka are willing to let Varrock be as long as they do not attempt any invasions of Fremmenik land."


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"That may be, but one of those barbarians has killed my niece Phillipa!" Draul Leptoc exclaimed. "Clearly the barbarians are growing restless and it's only a matter of time before they decide to conquer our land and claim it for their own. No doubt they have heard of the Zemouregal incident, and how it was not our armies that saved Varrock from Zemouregal's undead horde, but a travelling adventurer and a mystical shield. I am convinced such things have made the barbarians bolder. This is war, and my niece is the first casualty."

"Poor Phillipa..." Juliet said sadly.

"Must we discuss such unseemly matters at dinner?" Queen Ellamaria fretted. "This sort of thing can ruin one's appetite."

"But not all is doom and gloom, my dear." Romeo proclaimed, smiling. "For in the wake of such horror, I have been reunited with my fair Juliet."

Father Lawrence nodded. "Indeed. But Romeo, the last I heard, you still believed that Juliet was dead, and yet, here you are, unperturbed by her presence, very much alive."

"Oh, THAT." Romeo looked a tad embarrased. "I will freely admit that I have been ... confused these past few years. But the tragic death of Phillipa has shocked me to my senses. When I saw dear, darling, lovely Phillipa carried into the city on a stretcher, with those hideous spear wounds, it was as if a fog had lifted from my mind. At once, I remembered everything Father Lawrence and that ever-so helpful adventurer had been trying to tell me. Juliet was not dead, merely in a deathlike sleep caused by a Cadava potion. And it had been their hope that I would be there in the crypt when Juliet awoke."

"Alas, their plan went awry. But now, Saradomin has given us another chance. Now Juliet and I are free to pursue our love unimpeded by any further..."

"Ahem." Draul Leptoc interrupted, glaring at Romeo as he approached Juliet from across the room. "The only reason you are both here is because the King was foolish enough to invite you here!"

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