A Big Hole in the Ground

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These two men are walking through the woods one day and they come across a big hole in the ground. Now this hole is huge, like some sort of endless pit. So the one man says to the other, “I wonder how deep this hole is?”

He then proceeds to pick up a rock and toss it in the humongous hole. They listen... nothing. The other man then grabs a large stick and throws it in.... Nothing.

At this point the two men are really intrigued over this large hole. So they look around a little for something bigger to throw in, and they come across an old rusty anvil. They both grab an end, walk it over to the hole, and throw it in. The men are looking down the hole when all of a sudden they hear this noise in the woods. They look over and see this goat running all over the place. It zigs and zags between trees and going all over the place. Then it runs right up and dives into the hole.

Now the two men are thinking, what the hell was that? They had no idea what that goat was doing.

A few minutes later they hear a farmer walking through the woods calling "Becky! Becky!" The farmer asks the men if they've seen his goat, the man say they saw a goat jump into the big hole in the ground. The farmer looks at them and says "Well that couldn't have been mine. I had her tied to an anvil."

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There are times when I wish Don Rickles would resurrect and retribute the above.
So the above deserves this Rickles' witism ...

The new Russian government wished to show the "free world" that the "new" Russia was a free and open democracy. So...
They sought to be rid of all the old vestiges of the former communist regime - including the mausoleum holding the remains of Lenin. Well getting rid of the remains was not that easy. No former NATO nation wanted him. Neither any former nor present communist government wanted Lenin's body about their borders. Oddly though, when the Russians approached the Israelis, a Cabinet spokesperson said their nation would consider the request and would forward a written reply. The Israelis replied ...
Proudly our beloved country has a history and an "open door" as a home for the dislocated of the world. In the formal governmental reply the Israeli government replied to the Russians saying they would accept Lenin's remains; however, there was a single caveat the Russians would have to recognize. Israel has the highest per capita resurrection rate in the world.


Curiouser and curiouser and TTFN,

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