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This thread is nearing it's completion, and unfortunately will no longer accept new players

The year is 2017, in a version of Earth very different than your own. Humans are born with a special gene that allows them to develop superpowers as they age. Around the beginning of their teenage years, children become able to access their powers, which are passed down their genetic line. Some become spell-casters like their parents, or way-masters like their uncles, or sand-men like their great grandmothers. There are hundreds of these “power-types”, some very common, others so rare they are considered sacred. Amidst it all, there is one very certain thing: This is all natural. Since the dawn of time, people have had these powers, and have never questioned them. Consequently, society is altered by them. Technological advances have created power-dampening barriers, keeping anything within them from using their abilities. Each individual has a unique “Aether-Trace”, a sort of finger print sent out by the use of their power that can be detected with a variety of devices. Weapons and tools called “Gear” are produced, to enhance, amplify, and extend the uses of the powers of those who use them.

Those whose powers are fully developed, who have trained and practiced and become skilled, who have tempered their powers to their farthest capabilities, are given the title “Archon”.

Eden City is the capitol of the United States of America in this alternate version of your world. It is located on the east coast, about where your world’s New York City is found. Peace is maintained in Eden City not only by the police force, but by the Archon Assembly; Eight talented Archons who willingly face any threat that would endanger the city, while working in a variety of humanitarian and philanthropic projects.

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About a month ago, the Archon Assembly’s home and headquarters, Valhalla, was attacked by a secretive organization that the media quickly dubbed “the Dark Archons”, brilliant terrorists of Archon level power who murdered two of the Assembly’s members before being fought off, dropping their number to six.

Since then, the Dark Archons have taken to terrorizing Eden City, tearing apart the security of the city in their campaign to shatter the government, destroy the Archon Assembly, and ‘liberate’ the inhabitants of Eden City from the authorities that they claim oppress them.

In an effort to stop the Dark Archons, the Archon Assembly has begun to enlist the aid of “Defenders”, young vigilantes without fully developed powers, who are eager to sharpen their skills and fight against the Dark Archons alongside the Assembly.
The Defenders have become a key asset to the Assembly, and even identified the Dark Archon’s maniacal Spell-Caster “Black Anise”.
Shortly before confronting Black Anise, it was revealed that a computer known as “The Empress”- designed to keep record of all of Eden City’s citizens and their powers – had been somehow overtaken by the Dark Archons.
This was how Black Anise was discovered, hiding in a mental hospital where her alter-ego “Annie Ryan” was a patient. The Assembly confronted her, but she was aided by the Illusionist “Kaleidoscope”, and the two of them escaped with the help of the Dark Archon’s portal spawning Way-Master after revealing the alias of their leader, “Gallows”.
However, this was accomplished only after the prison on the other end of town was torn open in a fiery explosion. Gallows revealed, by interrupting a new program, that the prison bombing was more than a diversion to help Black Anise escape. It was designed to free numerous criminals that Gallows felt were unfairly imprisoned, while killing dozens of police officers and more dangerous inmates.

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Gallows claims this in the beginning of Eden City’s liberation, that freedom is hand, and the world is about to be forever changed.

Verdant Boulevard was a wide street in Eden City’s shopping district. The road was paved in perfectly aligned brick, surrounded by brick shops and cafes, and a median of waist-high hedges divided it.
Angelina Ross, more commonly called by the name she had taken for the Archon Assembly- “Viridian”, had grown the hedges herself almost a year ago. She was a talented elementalist, and it had taken her only seconds to create the plants out of a single seed.
Now, Viridian walked down the sidewalk that lined the left side of the street. A number of things had become strikingly certain in the two days that had passed since the battle at the Tree of Life Mental Hospital, where Annie Ryan had been identified as the notorious “Black Anise”.

First and Foremost, the Dark Archon’s leader had made himself heard. He was Gallows. He was the devious anarchist orchestrating the terror attacks that had been a constant source of fear on Eden City in the past month. Gallows believed that as long as a structured society existed, as long as government controlled the world, as long as the Archon Assembly fought for the people of the city, the world would never be free. The people would never truly be able to live their own lives. To that end, he would destroy, and murder, and break what he needed to, to “liberate” the world.

The amount of support he had gained in the past couple of days was unsettling. A single message… arguing that the people were imprisoned by their laws and governors, had changed everything. Not everyone, but a sizable handful, now felt that this man was in the right.

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The proof was spray painted on the wall of a building that Viridian had just passed. *THEY’LL EAT US ALL”.Gallows had referenced Lewis Carol's “Walrus and the Carpenter”, claiming that the citizens of Eden City were oysters on the verge of being eaten. The words “THEY’LL EAT US ALL”, “THEY’D EATEN EVERYONE”, and “WE WILL WALK WITH YOU NO MORE” were tagged all across the city, as was the occasional, crudely painted image of a noose.

Additionally, Viridian was aware that the Empress had turned against her and her colleagues. The computer designed to help find the Dark Archons, was now working to hide them, and it co-creator, Pauline Dubois was still uncertain of how to fix it.

There were two other things that came to the top of Viridian’s mind.
The Dark Archons employed someone who was perhaps the most talented Way-Master the world had ever seen- able to spawn portals that could allow the other Dark Archons to flee at a moment’s notice, even against their will. It was even able to create these portals without ever being seen* presumably, the Way-Master did this all from miles away. Without capturing the Way-Master, it would be impossible to put a dent in the Dark Archons.
Finally, Viridian could not help but feel the intense weight of a sinking worry in her stomach. Her colleague, Marlese Croft, would be taking a number of the Defenders to Tokyo this afternoon to ask an Archon called “the Dragon” for help.
The last time Marlese was gone, her plane was ambushed and the Dark Archons destroyed the plane almost entirely. And beyond that… the Dragon was a mysterious and possibly dangerous entity…

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Viridian came to a stop outside a small café with blue awnings, where a number of round tables and small chairs were scattered over the sidewalk. Patrons of the café sat in the hot, June sun, drinking cold teas and iced coffees.

“Miss Ross?” a voice said so softly that Viridian almost missed it.

“You must be Bastet,” Viridian answered as she sat across from the woman who had called for her.

Bastet was another foreign Archon that the Assembly hoped to ally themselves with. She was a tall woman, middle aged, with reflective sunglasses and brown hair cut to fall just past her ears. Though it was June, she wore a long green coat and scarf. She lowered her glasses, showing her bright, tawny eyes.

“I am,” she said with a smile. “You should know… I am already entirely aware of your situation here. I make it a point to know foreign affairs, and the one in Eden City is no secret to Cairo, or the rest of the world. I am more than willing to aid you and your comrades in your fight to maintain order and stability. But there is something I should assure you of… As I said… the situation here is well known. There are Archons in other counties who, like myself, wish to have a part in these events.”
She folded her sunglasses and tucked them away into her coat. Her eyes were cat-like for a human. It was said that Summoners who came too close to the Void that produced their summoned familiars, would sometimes take on the attributes of the creatures they linked themselves to.
She leaned close to Viridian as to keep from being heard.
“But I am afraid…” she went on “...Not all of them want to play on your side.”

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I’m adding quite a few pages of Reserves to this thread. As it takes place in an alternate version of Earth, forming the world has become a pretty big project. Don’t feel that it’s entirely necessary to familiarize yourself with all of the reserves. It’s more of a place to look things up in the event that you don’t recognize something. However, should you wish to fully immerse yourself in the world, you might enjoy the reading. All new players, should, however, carefully review the first page of the thread, and skim over the second, third, and fourth.
Keep in mind that the reserves are not alphabetized. If you wish to search for something specific, remember that ctrl F will search the page you are on.

Table of Contents
BIO Format

List of Players
Notable Characters



Power-Type List

Attribute Lists
Combat Information and Tips

Historical Events
Extra Reserves

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Obey them or leave.

1. When talking out of character, make sure you specify by closing your text up double parentheses like ((this)).

2. No power playing. I'll do my best to limit everyone's powers, but if you try to abuse my leniency, I will do away with you.

3. No godmodding without permission.

4. Be nice to people. No saying mean things, doing mean things, or being a jerk. No one likes you when you're like that.

5. Language and Romance are totally okay, just don't get carried away. Behave yourself.

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The bio is one of the most important parts of this game as it is not only your character’s application to become involved, but is also a way of recording your character’s progress and abilities. ALL bios must be submitted in this format. Because new players will have to enter the game differently, depending on when they post their bio, their accepted bios will need to be edited to accommodate their entry. This process will be discussed up acceptance. Please omit all the italicized text in the template below when submitted your bio. I suggest reserving an additional post after your bio to contain powers and gear that will be obtained later.

Name: (This is the name your character was born with. Or the name that they go bad and are commonly associated with. For example “Steve Rogers”, “Bruce Wayne”, or “Carol Danvers”)
Alias: (your character will be fighting crime, or perhaps perpetuating it, and will need to conceal their true identity. Create an Alias for them and write it here. Examples would be “Captain America”, “Batman”, “Ms. Marvel”. But try to be somewhat original.)

Age: (An age of about seventeen or above is appropriate, as powers don’t fully develop until... well it censors the word I want to use but you know.. the awkward years when everything is starting to develop. They often fade in old age, so don’t make your character too elderly either.)

Gender: (Male, Female, that sort of thing. I’m all for breaking gender identity norms though. Just biologically, what gender is your character? If you need to elaborate for some reason, go ahead.)


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Physical Description: (Include things such as hair, eyes, skin tone, height, build, any distinguishing features such as scars, birthmarks, facial hair, piercings, tattoos etc, and then describe their average style of dress. Be descriptive, and display your talent for writing.)

Personality: (Try to be creative and make your character unique. Keep in mind that good characters have skills and talents and redeeming qualities but should also be flawed. Once again, be descriptive and give us a sense of your ability to write.)

Details: (If they have a job, go to school, live alone, or have any hobbies and skills [reading, painting, being able to speak a foreign language, being very good at math etc., list that information here.)

Background: (This portion of the bio is to describe events in your character’s life that took place before the beginning of this thread. Maybe your character had a troubling childhood, or a life changing event, that now shapes their path and personality. Also remember to explain what your character was doing during the events in Part 1, described in the “preface” of this thread. Be sure also describe the connection between your character’s past, and their future. This portion of the bio will need to be revised if you a new player, to accommodate their entry into the game- this will be handled after the acceptance of your bio.)


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Power-Type: (Page 6 offer a list of all mentioned power-types. You may choose one of those, or you may create your own to submit for approval along with your bio. Either write the name of the already existing power-type you wish to use, or write the name of the one you wish to create.)

Description of Power: (If you are creating a new power-type, not yet listed in the reserves, define it and describe it here. If you selected a pre-existing power-type, then this portion of your bio will be used to describe the path it will takeFor example, if you are a Spell-Caster, explain that your character’s brand of magic involves drawing power of crystals and stones. Be brief if you are still uncertain of the path you wish to take.)

Abilities: (Name your powers, and describe them each in a list format. For example, if your character were Angelina Ross, from the intro of this thread your list might look like this:
Floramancy- Viridian manipulates plant life, altering its size and structure, growing or altering plant life freely to use as weapons or shield.
Purification- Viridian can focus her Aether into an object to purify it, and remove anything that pollutes it.
New players may begin with three items on their list.)

Attributes: (You’ll obtain many attributes throughout the game. These are passive enhancements. You might think of an Attribute as Captain America’s super strength, or Wolverine’s regenerative power. All attributes are listed in the reserves. New players may select two “Basic Attributes” and one “Intermediate Attribute”. List them here.)

Gear: (Tools your character will wield. Your character begins with an identity mask (explained on Page Four) that you may describe to fit any unique theme you wish your character to have. For example:
You may also create two additional pieces of Gear, or ask for them to be created for you if you wish. List your Gear in the same way you did your powers.)

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