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This thread's construction is finished, and new players may post bios


“You’re thinking there is a story here,” she said. “One that has yet to begin.”

In front of them, the field seemed to stretch endlessly. Its soft blanket of grass was dyed pink by the sky- the gentlest rose color, dappled with clouds that caught the warm pale yellow of the sun.

“But the reality is…” she went on “That one is already being told. It has been told for a long time…”

She gestured for him to follow her as she began to walk down the side of the hill on which they observed the world below them.
The grass went up to their knees. It swept back and forth like ocean waves caught in a subtle wind.

“It starts with a boy,” she looked at him. “And a girl,” she tossed back her own tangle of wild blonde hair. “And a place where countless others before them knew that there was something wonderful worth sacrificing for.”
Without speaking further, she lifted the hem of her heavy white skirt with one hand while she reached into the grass with the other.
Her arm disappeared into the ocean of pink waves and she made a concentrated face as she felt around for something. At last, she produced an object from the field, and held it out for him.

“I saw this fall here last night,” she said as he took the object from her.
At his touch, the rounded chunk of rock and metal glowed with the most magnificent white light. It was no larger than a coin, but the light flowed from it and seemed to fill the entire field until it was all that he could see.

“Take it,” she told him. *I heard it call your name as it fell from the sky. Just for you. Aldebaran.”

The light twinkled and faded as he took his hand from hers, the object still clasped within his grip. The brightness was gone, and yet it left no blindness in his eyes. He saw with perfect clarity and realized that it glowed only when they held it together.
Aldebaran, he said the name in his head again. It was his *

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“Stars fall in this field often,” she said. “More often than other places at least. They create craters, but the grass never dies,” she ran her hand through the soft pink wisps of grass. “And so you can*t see the craters. At most, you see hills, dips, and sweeping slopes of lands. But it’s all there- the marks left by falling stars meant for those who can carry them. Keep it close,” she said with a nod to the piece of metal in his hand. “You’re Aldebaran now,* she reminded him. “And someday you will be needed.”



In Bay City there were a handful of people who had been approached by the Woman in White. She took them to a place where it was said she told them stories and gave them purpose.

It was normal. No one thought much of it, and stories like this were of little more interesting than a story about what had happened that morning at the grocery store. Seeing the Woman in White was not too unlike seeing the mailman. Seeing a shooting star streak across the sky was like seeing her mail truck.
The ones the Woman came to would be given a gift- a small metal stone. Then they would be given a name- the same one had by the stone. Then they would cross the Meteor Field, return a few days later with a parcel full of crystals from the valley for the Woman in White, and go about their business with their new name and a strange new sense of purpose.

It was tradition made into habit. It was followed without much question, perhaps because the Woman in White’s very presence seemed to demand respect. Though she looked like a young woman, no older than thirty, she had been in the town longer than anyone else. Everyone knew her, young or old, and seemed to have a story about an even older relative being called to the Meteor Field—a process that the Woman in White called a “Wake.*

Only Aldebaran seemed to be of any difference.
Only Aldebaran had never returned with a parcel for the Woman in White.

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There were rumors of what had happened to him. Some said that a cave-in had killed him when he went to gather crystals for the Woman in White. Others said that he had simply chosen to deny her request, and had left town to avoid the embarrassment of breaking such a lasting tradition, and of being so rude to a kind woman.
It was mostly regarded as unimportant. The Woman in White never seemed to mind, and when people asked, she simply replied with a smile, “Aldebaran might return some day,” and went about her business.

Week after week, it went on in this way, for as long as anyone could remember.

Aldebaran’s Wake had been almost two years ago, and was mostly forgotten, until one night (as was ordinary) a falling star streaked across the sky. As it passed over Bay City it flashed a brilliant white and broke into many tiny pieces (which was far from ordinary). A shower of falling lights scattered themselves across the Meteor field.

Dmitri watched it from his bedroom on the second floor of the apartment that his family had over the Laundromat they operated. He saw the flash of light as the star seemed to break into pieces, and he saw them pour into the field beyond the city like a glittering rain.
Looking out his window, he spotted someone walking under the streetlight near the Laundromat- a tall and beautiful woman with long blonde hair that curled out in every direction. She wore a heavy white dress, which she held away from the pavement with one hand as she waved to Dmitri with the other, looking at him with a smile and twinkling blue eyes.

“Dmitri!” he heard his father call him from downstairs. “Someone is at the door for you!”


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Before you get you started:

This is a magical realism story, a mystery, and an adventure, taking place primarily in and around a small city on a southern coast, called Bay City- which is much like any small coastal city in the 21st century.
There’s a grocery store, a post office, cars and traffic lights, roads, a pier with a fair. There’s a mayor, bankers, lawyers, waitresses, and a Woman in White who might be mysterious were not for the longevity of her residency in Bay City.

The Woman in White lives on the west end of town, and for as long as anyone knows, she’s been collecting crystals from a valley north of the bay by sending chosen individuals to bring them to her after giving them fallen stars and new names-- behavior which is entirely accepted as normal by the residents of the town with only one exception: Aldebaran (whose previous name is now completely forgotten by the town.)
Aldebaran, though it doesn’t seem to concern the Woman in White, never returned to the city.

Aldebaran’s Wake was almost two years ago, and has mostly become old news.
But last night, something out of the ordinary happened. A falling star split into pieces as it landed, which means the Woman in White is calling on many individuals now to meet with her in the Meteor Field.

In this story, you will take the role of one of these individuals. You’ll learn the secrets of the Woman in White, who until recently has only seemed like a resident of the town with somewhat peculiar interests. You’ll discover a purpose in the world, and its fate. And perhaps most importantly, you will realize the truth of Aldebaran’s Wake.

This is an adventure story, a mystery, and a tale about the preciousness of humanity and humble life. There will be puzzles, and combat, and life changing decisions to be made.
Most importantly though, it is a story about identity, and the way in which lives are connected.

I hope to read a bio from you soon, and welcome you aboard.

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This post is a brief guide to navigating the thread’s four pages of reserves. If you are looking for information, this might be a map to point you in the right direction, but everything will be kept rather simple.

The first page includes the basics of the thread, and everything you need to get started.
It is primarily devoted to the thread’s introduction.
Table of contents.
Rules of Play
And Bio format.

Here you will first find a list of players, their characters, and the page numbers on which their bios can be found, and the page on which their bios can be find.
You will also find a list of characters that are created for the plot of the game. Consider this a sort of “NPC” list.

THIRD PAGE- Geography
This entire page is committed to significant locations. It lists discovered locations alongside brief descriptions.

The final Page of the reserves is simply saved for notes on events, objects, and information and so on, that might prove to be useful later on. Feel free to suggest contributions but bear in mind that there is only room for one page of notes.

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There are a few brief rules to keep in mind before you begin.

First and foremost, be kind to your fellow players..

No godmodding the characters of players without their permission.

No *power-playing” create realistic and reasonable characters- though this mght be a difficult game for this to happen in.

Please be sure that other players know when you are speaking out of character by typing OOC: or using double parentheses (()) to show that your words are not part of gameplay.

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(Chances are, you’re about to fill out one of the more peculiar bios you’ve seen. It’s strange, because I have a plan for this story- but for not one that can be explained or admitted briefly before gameplay begins. It’s important that it’s a secret for now, because this story is partly a mystery. Have fun with your bio, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.
Identity is EXTREMELY important to this game, so be sure to think about WHO your character is. What are they like? Where do they live? What kind of family do they have?)

STAR: (This is the name of the fallen star that will be given to you by the Woman in White. It will become your name, but more importantly, your identity. You may have had another name before, something like Dmitri, or John, or Lisa. That’s perfectly fine, but before you know it, it will be unimportant and forgotten by everyone. Don’t feel that it is necessary to include on your bio.)
GENDER: (Should be fairly straight forward)
AGE: (should probably range between 7 and 80)

APPEARANCE: (Describe only the physical appearance of your character. Include clothing. Remember that this setting is roughly based on 21st century America, but feel free to be creative and little strange if you would like.)
PERSONALITY: (To the extent that you are comfortable, describe your character’s personality. Feel free to include interests, passionate social causes, likes, dislikes, political beliefs, so on and so forth- whatever you think is useful)
BACKGROUND: (Describe a brief history of your character’s life thus far. Feel free to be particularly short if you wish to keep your identity mysterious. Include aspects like education, jobs, family so on and so forth.)

VALUES: (What kind of morals and values does your character hold in high regard)

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A WEAPON: (Describe a weapon of your choosing. In time, you’ll come to understand why. Anything from a generic sword to something strange and creative should suffice.)

MAGIC: (Describe some mystical talent. It can be anything, but try not to be too broad. Something like “healing and protective spells” will do for now. Feel free to be as unique and strange or as atypical as you would like. Remember that these are not abilities you possess… but maybe some day)

A PAST LIFE: (Please briefly describe what kind of person you were in your previous life. This time, I mean BRIEFLY. This will be elaborated on later, so think about some tentative directions to go with this, but for now try to form only a single concise sentence- chances are you’ll be glad you did*’t go into detail. Consider including an occupation and perhaps some personal elements. For example “In a past life, I was a princess who valued kindness but did not know how to show it to my people.”)

TRANSFORMATIONS: (Don*t even worry about this right now. As far as you’re concerned you’re entirely a human being. For now, that’s all that really matters, and it’s certainly important to remember.)

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