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Welcome to Day 4 of Roleplay a raid :)

Anyone can take part, not just those who have been following since day 1!

For more information, please head over to the Day 1 thread.

Day 4:
You shouldnĺt have done that. The door is now open, yes, but as soon as you take your first step towards it, the symbols on the walls glow ever stronger, in an almost blinding iridescent light. Suddenly the floor starts to shift and disappear, tiles falling into nothingness at random. The void knight shouts out, she is holding onto the edge of one of the remaining tiles, her feet dangling in the dark and is loosing grip very fast.

What do you do?
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Winner from day 3: CloudlessSky

Whilst gasping for air, I order two of the goblins to cover the holes with their mouths. They swell up like swamp toads, before releasing a neutralised gas. It smells far worse but at least it's not poisonous.

With the gas taken care of, the rest of the party and I try to figure out how to open the doors.
Eventually we simply resort to trial and error, touching either gem caused it to glow but not much else. Touching both at the same time caused the doors to open, and the gas to stop.

We regroup, and venture forth.
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I quickly make a dive towards the scream, blindingly making grabs for the Void Knights hand. I managed to reach her before she loses her grip. I try to pull her up and felt something grabbing my ankle. Looking back, I see the goblins trying to help me pull the Void Knight. We managed to get the Void Knight up to safety. Gasping for air.

"Any way to get across?" Hollowtoof asked.

I checked my pack. Drats, I forgot the grappling hook and crossbow.

"Any one have a crossbow and a grapple?" I called.

No one answered. "Well, then, we got to tread across carefully," I said. We started to move across the room watching for falling tiles.

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I unravel the sinew from my attuned crystal bow and quickly wrap it around her right hand. As she screams in agony, I slowly step back, pulling with me her dainty body. There is a fresh laceration across her torso. Using the torch from the wall mount, I skillfully cauterize the flesh.

She rests her head upon my shoulder as we cling to the small cliff left attached to the door frame. I direct my attention back to the tiles, as they swirl in a brouhaha of dust and gleam. The force of the rock colliding creates a furious echo piercing our ears like daggers. I retie the sinew to my bow and start to fixate my gaze across the cavern to a small fiery mist oozing from the eye of a crevice.

"There is our way out!" I shout, startling the wounded warrior.
"Where?" she musters.
"The crevice above the cavern, there's red mist! We must reach it!" I howled as I quickly set into motion our only hope of escape.

Using my dwindling energy, I thrust open my rune pouch and collect enough Law and Air runes for two telekinetic grabs. The first spell I cast upon a stray tile, green with moss and worn from years of use, sending the tile several feet in front of us. The next spell I cast upon a purple tile stained with the remnants of a Zarosian symbol. It resists my intentions at first, but inordinately flutters near the opposing side of the cavern.

Sensing the moment was near, I quickly arched my back and shot several attuned shots at the bellowing eye. Rock cracked and moaned as the crust flaked off.

"Hold on to my tunic! I yelped as I swept the knight off her feet and onto my back. Using my agile boots, I dug my feet into the tiles as we lumbered from side to side, nearly falling to our doom. I set her down near the now gaping crevice, studying the structure. Thrusting my gloved hand into the center of it, the wall collapsed.

"On to the next chamber, dear!" I shouted as we made our way through the ruble, wondering if this was the end, or the beginning of something worse.
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Without any prompting ZuZu jumps into action, using her strange brand of magic to form a pathway from the fallen tiles. "You'd better hurry, I can't maintain this for long. Doubtless our little knight friend won't hold on much longer either".

From the other side of the room come the sounds of the struggling void knight, "Ugh helllppp".

I dash across the path of tiles, reaching her just as she loses hold. Unable to gain any traction however we start to slip, with the precipice beckoning.

Our timely rescue comes from all five goblins, who slip as well. Finally the Gaal gets in on the action, catching the last goblin in one hand and clinging to the tile with the other.
Leaving us dangling in a human ... Humanoid chain.

Eccentrix creates an extreme magic potion, from ingredients in his bag, standing behind ZuZu he casts boost potion share.

With imbued power ZuZu lifts every single collapsed tile, just as we begin to fall. We have a quick sigh of relief and rush to the door. Eccentrix picks up ZuZu while she's still casting, and jogs in peculiar fashion to the door.

We finally made it out of that damndable chamber.. We take a moment to thank our respective gods, and press on with our adventure.
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Eccentrixx is working on a mysterious potion. He is using ingredients i've never seen before. I asked him what it was and he said he was working on a night vision potion. This potion will give someone the ability to look in the dark! I'm not sure if this can help her but i'll give it a try.

Eccentrixx gave me the potion and said I had to drink it. It smelled awful. I drank the potion and it tasted horrible. I looked over the edge and I saw sharp spikes that look very dangerous.

I looked at the void knight and saw that she is getting exhausted. She was shouting for help. but how could I help her? I was trying to think how I can help her and a few seconds later something came in my mind. I asked Eccentrixx to summon a light creature.

Eccentrixx summoned a light creature. The light creature flew to the void knight and it brought her to us. We jumped our way to the door. We left the room and the door closed...
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I grab 1 of her hands. Eccentrixx is closest to me, I not to him to help. He immediately summons a Barker Toad which proceed to lash its tongue around her like a rope. A temporary solution if there ever was 1.
Most of the party had managed to make it to solid ground.
1 goblin and The Ga'al step up to help, but the goblin falls into the pit. 1 of his hands manages to grab a hold of the Knight, but he's dangling even more precariously.
Their combined weight is too much and we start to lose our grip.

Meanwhile a door opens and the others start to filter through, but as soon as it fully opens, it begins to close in a dramatically slow fashion.
The Ga'al thinks it can save the goblins, but sees us all slipping in, and oddly climbs down the Knight's back to grab a hold of the Goblin.
The weight is past our breaking point. He's too heavy.
With long 1 long look and a gravelly spoken "Goodbye" he and the goblin let go and plummet into nothingness.

The Toad and I manage to drag the Knight up before it fades back to the Spirit Plane.
Eccentrix and I help her through the doorway before it closes.

The others take a moment to remember The Ga'al. Hollowtoof doesn't seem to mind the loss of the goblin.
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I begin to cry. I have failed. We...have failed. The worst case scenarios fly through my thoughts like butterflies in an open field.
What?! What was that?
"npr! There is still hope! Help me up, npr! shouted the Knight.

Oh thank goodness! She was still alive! My heart raced now, not with fear, but anticipation of what was next to come. Her left arm appeared to be broken, right hand clutched to the edge of a crumbling tile.
"Hold on****'am!" I scream.

Slowly but surely, I lay flat upon my stomach and extend my arms to meet hers. Using the last dose of Super Strength potion had left, I hoisted her up to my perch.
"We are ALIVE! Oh happy day!" I shout,
not realizing she wasn't listening to me, rather watching the glowing light below us.

"They are corrupted wisps. Someone is controlling them and forcing them to remove the tiles." explained the Knight.

"What do we do?! They are getting closer to us! I can feel the flames flickering at my toes!" I cried out.

"npr, we have one chance, and one chance only. Hold onto me, and don't look down no matter what." the warrior bellowed. Her eyes were set, shuttering from the pain, full of hatred and determination.

We inched our way along the edge on the West crevice. My nails dug into her shoulders and we swayed side to side from the weight balancing on her two legs. As we approached the door, a scent of rum and blistering stew wafted from beneath.
"Stay close to me, npr. The being controlling the wisps is behind this door. We need to access the possibilities before-" The Knight couldn't finish her sentence.

Wooden shards saturate my body as the door crumbles. I feel blood, crimson and warm, flow from my skull down to my boots. There is shouting, commotion. A blast of white lightening shoots and ricochets across the tiles as they return to correct formation.

"npr! Can you hear me?! npr!" screamed the Knight, shaking my limp body.
My mind drifting in and out of consciousness.
"We... failed?" I ask, perishing.
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The blaring light blinded the warrior for a moment, covering her eyes for a mere moment before hearing the sudden crackling and dipping of the tiles nearby. The scream of her comrade suddenly making her come to her senses.

'No no no.' The situation was devolving faster than what she could think of to do for the woman dangling over the edges of the bleak void that lay beneath the new gap in the floor. Holding her bag, she tossed it off her shoulder and edged the strap upon a nearby object, holding herself steady enough to try to pull the Void Knight up from the floor.

But the other was struggling and panicking too hard for Seina to get a good grip on her, a few slips of the hand becoming more dangerous than what was taken for granted. But locking her gauntlet firmly upon the woman's arm, a few eerie cracks of bone soon echoing through the air followed by the void knight crying out in agony. It had to be done. As soon as her grip was locked, she forced the woman up from the broken tiles, pulling her up and putting her down on the other side of where she sat.

It took a moment to release her grasp upon the void knight, opening her hand slowly, and pulling it off of her newly broken arm. Various curses and whimpers came from the ungrateful knight. Shaking her head, Seina let down a gentle sigh, unlocking her gauntlets and setting them aside, reaching into her almost-sundered bag, peering for any first aid supplies she might of stowed in a pocket or two.

"Wench! Don't ever do that again!" The Void knight screamed.

"So I will let you fall next time, alright." Seina muttered, simply picking out a roll of bandages and tossed at the woman's head, which bounced off her helmet and went straight into the void behind the warrior.

When in doubt, the only real option is to stab it repeatedly until it starts to work again. Or maybe just throw it into a vat of lava. Either way works fine.

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