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This thread is open, and welcoming bios to be reviewed

They killed him.

His body hung in the air, levitating at an unnatural angle- snow white wings outstretched, bent, and broken, stained with ruby red blood. His arms were extended, his many layers and shreds of white cloak drifted around him as if floating in water. His face was tilted up to the sky, skin pale, lips thin, and his eyes nothing more than darkness. He cast no shadow, and even in death, his presence seemed to silence the air around him.

The mighty pines that filled the wood swayed in a wind that could not be heard or felt. The sky turned to a misty shade of white that was slowly becoming filled with bloody red clouds.

“His realm is falling apart…” observed Bastet as she stepped across the mossy ground.
Bastet had taken a very tall form- human for the most part, but with a face that was elongated at the front, and oddly catlike. Her tawny eyes saw across eons… but she could not see how Ambriel had died.

“Murdered… it seems,” Munkar said. His feet did not touch the ground, and even if they had, he would have been taller than Bastet- with a longer head, and narrow green eyes. His dark skin seemed nearly black against his white flowing garb. His own wings existed only as shimmering phantoms that barely moved as he did.

“By whom?” Bastet sighed. “Or what?”
She watched as the pines flickered like static and floated into air, vanishing into red smoke, filling the sky with milky pink.

Munkar said nothing that answered her question. As she expected.
“Lady, what becomes of him now?*

*Who can say?” she shrugged. “Our kind is not meant to die, Munkar. We decide what happens after death. For one of our own to-“

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“It’s better not to worry,” a kind voice said behind the unusual pair. It belonged to what looked like a woman- young, in her later twenties perhaps. She wore black denim jeans with a hole in one knee, a somewhat casual white blouse, and her black hair was straightened, falling to the center of her back. Her skin was pale, apart from her cheeks and her nose. Her eyes twinkled like galaxies* yet there was something very human about them… so very natural.

“You,” Bastet said with a raised eyebrow as she approached and passed the two gods to approach the third, dead one. *What is all of this?”

“Ambriel is dead,” answered the woman sadly. “So his realm is dying too…”
already, it was reverting to star dust. The sky was solid red, the trees almost absent entirely. “The fifth to die in such a short time,” said the girl.

“What is happening in the world though?” Munkar implored.

“If only I knew,” shrugged the woman with black hair. “But I am as lost as you, my dear,” she chuckled gently. Amused. “You act like I should know everything.”

Bastet crossed her arms. Her silk robes rippled as she moved.“We’re only concerned for the world, It exists because of our kind. Without us* what happens to them?”

“Them? Humanity?” asked the black-haired young lady. “They fail, I suppose. And It wins… This was all a contest, you remember?”

“I don’t believe in that fairytale.” Bastet purred proudly.

“You should,” said the woman. “it’s true. I was there when they struck the deal. When they shook hands on it.”
Ambriel’* white garb unraveled and became snow. His wings burst, white and red, fading into nothing. His skin fell apart like wet paper and turned to dust. He was no more.
The sky began to swallow itself, and the ground existed only below the feet of the two gods… and the woman with black hair.

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*What fairytale?” Munkar implored- beneath him, there was only a shred of ground- where his feet did not touch. If he had feet, for his legs were covered by the swirls of white fabric he clothed himself with,

“You’re too young know the story,” said the young lady, who was perhaps not so young. “So I will tell you. It is one of the first stories, from a time when there were much fewer of your kind. Humanity created you… did you know, Munkar?*

*I have been told,” he answered.

“Yes, but before us, there were ones like us who created THEM,” Bastet said with a sense of pride.

“Gods that made humanity and everything else, yes,” said the woman, watching the sky collapse into it’s own absence. “There was one in particular who thought that humanity could subsist until the End. Until the last story was told and closed. Another… who was once the favorite of the first, believed that humanity would ‘fail’, and never see the end. So they chose to have a contest. If humanity failed, the first would lose, and the second would win.”

*What kind of stakes?” Munkar asked in an interested tone.

“Oh, the greatest stakes of all, sweet angel,” said the kind woman. “But I shouldn’t say* they wouldn’t like it,” she shrugged and rolled her eyes. “And who am I to get involved in their little game anyway?” she laughed. “Anyways…” the sky was gone now. *I imagine this has something to do with their contest. And I’ll let you in on a secret… of the two contestants- the First who wants humanity to make it to the end, and the Second who wants them to lose… you don’* want the second to win. You rely on humanity just as much as they do you. They created you, after all. Now. You should leave so that Ambriel can finish dying in peace**

Bastet sighed. *This whole affair is making me uncomfortable anyways… one of US dying… many of us recently… it seems, are dying. I won’t be next,” she said as she took one step, and walked out of Ambriel’s realm.

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“Good-bye my friend,” Munkar said, looking at the sky. “And you too, Lady,” he said with a nod to the black haired girl, who smiled warmly and waved. One beat of his wings- and Munkar was gone as well, and the last of Ambriel and his world vanished into nonexistence.

There seemed to be a shift in all of the worlds at once… as if someone was marking down a point, and keeping score.


This is a story about gods, and the world. Not just one world, but all of them. For gods can walk from one time period to another, from one possible universe to any alternate reality, from one planet to the next, as easily as humans can walk from room to room- for gods exist in all these places at once.

In the beginning, there were very few such beings. They created humanity, and the first three worlds, and they wrote the Story from beginning to end, and set it into motion.

The first of these beings claimed that humankind would exist through the entirety of the Story, while the second said they would fail. They made reality into their contest, and from realms which could visited by no one- god or otherwise, they slept, and in their dreams, they watched.

Humanity created the other gods, things like Bastet, and Jupiter, and Frida, who would live, sustained on faith and worship, for gods are far from immortal- though they are ageless.

Recently, in fact, many of them have died. This is the cause of much concern, because just as they cannot exist without humanity… humanity will fail without them, and the Second would win the contest that was begun at the beginning of time.

Now, many of the gods begin to express concern, for it is known by most of them, that if the Second is to win the contest of the universe, then their kind will fall apart as easily as humanity’s.
They begin to move, and act, and investigate in one last effort to understand the First and the Second, their contest, and the fate of all- for it is the fear of many, that the Story is nearing its final chapter.

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Page One:

Table of Contents
Rules and Guidelines
Standard Bio Format
Bio Format for Mortal Characters (please ask permission before using)

Page Two:
Players' List

Page Three:
Important Words and Places

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(Please read this before creating your bio)

There are few important rules.
1. Control only characters that YOU create.
2. Keep romance and violence at a PG-13 level.
3. Use (()) or OOC: when speaking out of character

Additionally, this game has a lot of potential for “power-playing” so please be respectful. This is not a combat-oriented game, as it is primarily a creative story, and a mystery. However, there will still be a good deal of combat between gods, and it’s important that no one is being unfair.

I ask that players have at least SOME kind of experience roleplaying on the forum before applying. As I said, there’s a lot of potential to abuse power, and I’d prefer no to have any confilict. Also the nature of this game requires a creative mind, and at least somewhat adequate abilities as a writer.
I will review any and all bios submitted, but only bios that seem to be a reasonable level of skill will be accepted. If your bio is not accepted, I will explain why, and you may try again if you would like to.

Be respectful to your fellow players
Ask questions whenever you have any- I am more than happy to answer.
Please enjoy your time here, I think this will be an interesting and fun game for us to play together.

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In this game, you will play as a god and/or the beings they have created and still command. You should remember that gods represent the elements of the universe and humankind- things like love, peace, healing, war, so on and so forth. Some concepts, for various plot-related reasons, will be off limits. I will reveal which ones when they come up in order to preserve as much of the story as I can, but if you wish to know about a particular one before making your bio, do not hesitate to ask.
Also remember that gods exist in all time periods, and possible realities at once, and can move between them like a human moves between rooms.

If you would prefer to create a non-god character, let me know and you can amend this bio format as appropriate. Bear in mind that you might be asked to edit your bio again afterwards, and may have to comply to different standards than god-characters.

NAME(S): (Many gods have more than one. For example, Venus, Aphrodite, and Frida, may be one and the same. List any names you wish to associate with your character.)

GENDER(S): (Most gods are in fact, gender-fluid, and may change as they wish. But if you like, you may list a preference)

AGE: (Gods do not measure age in years, but some are new than others. You MAY wish to state whether or not your god is “young* or “old”. This has nothing to do with their physical appearance, as the shape of a god can, and does, change.)

AFFILIATION(S)/PURPOSE(S): (What is your god associated with. What element or elements of humanity created them. For example, Mars was created by war, and is consequently, a god of war. He exists to orchestrate war amongst humans, and sometimes battle along side them.)

FORM(S): (Gods can take on many shapes and forms, though most prefer one or two specific ones. Describe your favorable form or forms, and any clothing they might wear.)

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POWERS(S): (Gods are in fact, not all powerful, though they often seem to be. Summarize your characters abilities here. What feelings can they cause others to experience? What kind of things can they create from nothing? What weapons or armor, if any, do they wield? Be creative, and think of god-like powers, rather than “superhero” powers such as flying or turning invisible- though you may wish to list some of those as well. This category can, and should be, amended periodically.)

REALM: (MOST gods create a home for themselves, a small world where they go to rest. If you wish, you may describe it.)

SUBJECTS: (Many gods create underlings to act as servants or armies. If your character has done such, describe them hear, explain any powers they might have, what purpose they fulfill for your character, and whether or not they reside in your character’s realm.)

ACOLYTES: (Acolytes are different than subjects in that they have names, and personalities, and are far fewer in number. Gods create them to act as the most loyal of sidkicks. For example, Mars has created Phobos and Deimos. If your god has any acolytes, describe them, name them, and explain their powers and purpose of creation.)

SOURCE OF WORSHIP: (Gods sustain themselves on the faith and worship of humanity. Explain from where your character receives most of their sustine***. This can be a combination of time periods, geographical locations, methods of worships, so and so forth. Express what your god’s source of power is. Bear in mind that if this becomes less, your god will grow weaker.)

BACKSTORY: (If necessary or applicable (for example in the case of young gods who were deified after being human, Hercules for example,) provide a backstory of your character)

OTHER: (Complete your bio, by explaining anything else you wish to tell us about your god.)

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Bio Format for Mortal Characters
Players wishing to create a mortal character are asked to please post a request before creating a bio. Once said player has received permission, this bio format can be used to create your character.
Please keep in mind that if your mortal character become a god later on, you will be required to create a new bio upon their deification, as if creating a new character.

Name: (Character’s full name)
Age: (Age at start of game)
Kind of Being: (Not all mortals are from the human Earth realm. This field is essentially a ‘race’. It can be ‘human’ or ‘dog’ or ‘fairy’ or ‘alien’, so on and so forth)

Personality: (Briefly describe the character of your character)
Appearance: (Briefly describe the look and dress of your character)

Home: (Where is your character from. Describe both a place, and if it would be helpful- also provide a time. For example, if your mortal character is a fairy being from a mystical other worldly realm, then a time period might not be entirely necessary. But if your character is from Earth, it would be helpful to give extra context such as ‘a small town in Oklahoma, during the height of the dust bowl* or *New Orleans, 1992’.)

Back Story: (Provide any necessary details about your characters past. Bear in mind the things that often accompany mortals who achieve godliness in mythology. For example, unusual births. These details are not necessary, but can add an extra level to your character.)

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Role in the Universe: (Describe the importance of your mortal character and their place in the world. For example, your character could be destined to become a god, or an incredible hero, or play some role in aiding the gods.)

Katabasis and Apotheosis: (If your character is to become a god later on, please give information on their Katabasis and Aptheosis. These terms describe the fall and rise of your character. Essentially- what will their story be NOW? If you have a story in mind already, list as many details here as you are comfortable with, and remember that you are responsible for guiding this story line. Things to consider are a challenge, that they must overcome, and incredible feats that they must perform. Divinity is granted by the Eonfold itself. Be sure to explain, what you wish to be thing that causes the Eonfold to grant such a thing.)

Other: (provide any additional information you think may be helpful or necessary.)

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