Forum Fight!

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Mod Kalaya

Mod Kalaya

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Forum Fight!

Probably.. the 3rd installment of this thread? Maybe? :D

Welcome to the Forum fight! Let us know exactly how you fight it out with your opponents here.

Keep it clean, keep it impersonal, and enjoy!


Mod Kalaya |
Product Manager | @JagexKalaya

14-Nov-2014 10:02:42

Lady Deluxe

Lady Deluxe

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Yum, summer pie - eats pie and punches Easty out from hiding; this forum ain't for the light hearted... Tosses Easty to the chickens as chicken feed....

14-Nov-2014 10:53:58 - Last edited on 14-Nov-2014 10:54:48 by Lady Deluxe



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Lady Zion. You are here because you're the best of the best. When I'm done with you, you'll be expert. You are here to sweep mines!

Each time you dig, you'll find a number. That number will tell you exactly how many mines are adjacent to your square. Find a one on a corner? It's a mine! Three on a wall? They're all mines!

Why are you really here? -I'm here to make this ledge safe!
Why are you here, soldier?? -I'm here because I'm bored!
Don't you ever forget that!

That timer is going to keep ticking until it reaches nine nine nine! -What happens then?
Nothing. You just suck!

What do we do now? Now - we guess!

Game over!!!
………. ,*˜*, ……. ,•°*•, … You'll … ,•*°•, …… ,*˜*, .………
„*˜……“• •“………'·,¸¸,‘•°. thank .°•',¸¸,·'……..“• •“……˜*„
RSOF no longer fun or safe. Find me with
in game :)
“‹„¸¸„ •°`' · . ,¸¸, . · ‘ … me later … ' · . ,¸¸, . · '´°•„¸¸„›“

14-Nov-2014 13:27:41

Miss Kizmo

Miss Kizmo

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Who needs numbers?? That's for the weak - Whips out my chop sticks and as quick as lightning the mines fly off in all direction - Boom! Boom! Boom!...

The above three posters are scrambling for there body parts, limbs and blood and guts are strewn everywhere - 'Hey that's mine', 'leave that alone', 'get your hands off that'... They are fighting amongst themselves trying to retrieve their body parts....
Love & peace <3

14-Nov-2014 14:34:38

Apr Member 2020


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Blood Barrage? You Zarosian scum!

*roasts and rips ZamorakZaros apart and eats him*

Let this be a warning for the person after me ;)

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