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Mod Kalaya

Mod Kalaya

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It's Valentines next Saturday, so I thought we'd spread some well needed love here for you forum gamers! Enjoy it while it lasts. :)

Simple rules; tell the next poster (person who will post after you) exactly why you could fall in love with them.

For example, I'll start, and say that the poster after me has some gorgeous hair irl!

Mod Kalaya
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09-Feb-2015 14:06:11

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The next Poster has a lot of funny stories to tell while we div together. =)
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09-Feb-2015 14:43:07

Mod Neena

Mod Neena

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I have loads of funny and random stories. In fact, my FC pretty much represent the craziness of my stories, they all do the same. :P Oh and training Div is perfect. The most relaxing skill. =)

The next poster will be funny and teach me how to scape! #Noob4Lyfe

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Well thank you Mod Neena. That's such a nice thing to say. As to "How to 'scape": I believe you click all the things and then something happens :O

Next poster: You have such beautiful eyes.
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09-Feb-2015 14:49:59

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Oh? This old, cold stone beating blood thing of cold fury? Staph :)

The next poster is a total cutie who enjoys long days eating bad food watching the lion king with me! That means they're amazing!!

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Thanks for the compliment ^_^

The next poster is someone who makes everyone feel the warmth of love and is a lovely person to be with <3
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09-Feb-2015 15:43:01

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