Count to 15 Before Default V3

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Welcome to the game: Count to 15 Before a Default Forum Profile

How to play:

Simply enough, count to 15 before someone posts with a default forum profile picture.


Player 1: 1
Player 2: 2
Player 3 [default forum picture(Iron helm)]: 0
Player 4: 1


1.) All Jagex rules apply
2.) Keep it clean :3

Previous versions of this game:

V1 - Count to 15 Before Default Ava (Saviours)
Count to 15 Before Default v2 (Saviours)


Previous versions of this thread have been owned by Saviours who does not appear to have posted anything on RSOF for over 2 months. Saviours - You are welcome to reclaim this thread if you return and I will get a friendly FMod to lock this one.
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