Boys vs Girls V9

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Hello and welcome to Boys vs Girls V9 ^_^

The counter starts at 50. Boys add 1 and girls subtract 1 to the counter.
When the counter reaches 100, boys win. On the other hand, if it reaches 0, girls win! (Girls for the win! :D )
Start over when it reaches 100 or 0.

I guess we couldn't skip the rules part, so...
2. No double posting.
3. Cookies for Lavin
4. Just kidding for rule three ^_^
5. Have fun :D

At least V4, V5, V7 and V8 were originally made by Lavin (earlier versions are now lost to the Page 50 monster). However, V8 has been maxed for a while now and Lavin has not created a new one and I cannot trace any posts from her on the forums this year.
- if you want the thread back, I'd be happy to have this thread locked so you can post a V10 :D
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