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Miggals said:
[]Pvm []Skilling []Social

What we offer:

Casual and experienced environment
Friendly pvmers and teachers
Learners welcome
Active Discord
(hopefully weekly events)

What you should know about us:

We are a skilling and a social hub that also does pvm. As well as other games. Have people playing Player Unknown Battlegrounds (pubg), Overwatch, Destiny 2, and Warframe.


We take both inexperienced and experienced pvmers. We have bossing teachers and will allow you to learn in a friendly environment. All of us started small, we know what it's like to struggle to find teams and get practice. Don't worry about messing up or making mistakes, it happens, we all made mistakes and all we can do is learn from them.


None, join for social or skilling reasons and if you have the stats we can take you to try out pvm. For pvm I highly recommend having 95+ attack/strength/defense/range/magic, overloads, 96+ prayer. If you have the basic combat stats needed, ask around for what boss you want to get started with and it's possible you will get picked up for that boss.


-Follow Runescape rules at all times
-No Begging
-Keep religion and politics out of clan chat
-Scamming or Luring will be an instant kick

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