Action against gold sellers

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How about improved bug and cheat detection. So that players cant dupe trillions of gp/shards.
If they dont get the gold for free then they can not sell it either.
Its beyond repair now,after the dupe earlier this year. Broken for years to come.

Poster above me also has a good point,its been going on for ages. Climbing boots was one of the first cases i can remember though it is probably even older then that.

Rs3 is back at 15k players again right now. The game is just not attractive for new players and the dead-locked economy where cheats and rwit hold well over 50% of all wealth (my guess) is one of the reasons.

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I saw on the news feed that Jagex has cracked down on a couple of Bot Producers, yet still runs it's very own bots - Max and The Raptor.

Max and the Raptor really aren't a problem if you don't think about them. However, when fighting certain Chaos Dwarves, The Raptor shows up and starts taking your kills. It's not as though he shows up once an hour. No, he shows up two, sometimes three, times an hour.

Since Max and the Raptor have been around and accumulating all that loot and resources, it makes you wonder who in Jagex is financially benefiting from these Bots.

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on top of that, is it possible to make the ignore list unlimited instead of 400 limit for bots and auto typers? im sure if we were to make this a poll it would go thru, voted yes by all non bots. my ignore list is almost full with adding 10-20 bots to it a day who say 2b for? or spam other gold selling sites and content etc....

06-Oct-2020 14:25:19

Jared Corvis

Jared Corvis

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Jagex has been boasting about how great its' security measures are for a number of years, and they STILL have bots running rampant on free worlds while actual players that do honest work are getting banned. How stupid do you think we are?
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I'd say it is not easy to deal with bots and gold farmers. The effort is appreciated but it stands to question how this will actually help. One google search leads me to believe that it seems senseless to try to shut them down.

I know it was a huge controversy and I know people will hate me for it but free trade should be restricted. This would probably be the only effective way to reduce rwt.

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They tried that once and it worked but they left members to have no trade limit. So they just did it through there. And if you restrict all trades like it was. Them items like That's wouldn't be able to be traded for the value they are at now. Example Blue sells for 60-70b but is marked as max cash in GE which would cause them not to be able to trade for the merched value. We all know how fast that community of merchers will be mad when that happens. So Jagex won't do
it. Since the richest community in jagex wouldn't like it.

30-Dec-2020 06:12:15

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Amazing job, it's an absolute pleasure to see the fruits of the effort being done to better the game for everyone.

Much more still needs to be done.
Have you thought about granting more players the ability to mute scammers and website advertiser in game?


10-Jan-2021 12:47:44

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