Patch Notes - 16/09

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NoxiousVex said:
Raptor said:
Sharp-shin said:
Itnachos11 said:
Sharp-shin said:
Umm... where's the content? It's been 10 weeks now without an actual content update.

Ah knew you'd be one of the first. Stop whining every week.

If Jagex stopped milking the game and instead focused on honest work again, there wouldn't be a need for complaints since player satisfaction would be much better.

Why not apply for a job at Jagex if you think you can do better, and help them make weekly content.

This way you can give up on your current job of weekly complaining on the forums and help the community with content.

not defending him directly, but however if hes an experienced coder himself. They won't Hire him.
Jagex has a reputation of preferring people with less experience as mentioned by a previous employee/founder.

the reason for this; "easier to train in the way we do things ourselves"

so experienced coders, wouldn't stand a chance.
Plus the fact they will pay a trainee a lot less!

22-Sep-2019 12:13:35

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