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Mod William

Mod William

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Thanks to player feedback, we have reviewed the quality and value of the prizes available on the Squeal of Fortune, and we’re pleased to announce that we will be making significant improvements to the drop rates and overall value of the loot on offer.
With the launch of our next content update on Tuesday 29th May, each time you spin the Squeal of Fortune you’ll stand a greater chance of winning something awesome, courtesy of our revised, remixed and revitalised prize list.
We’re confident that this revised selection of prizes will ensure that spinning the Squeal is not only more exciting than ever, but will also bring about some genuinely useful contributions to your ongoing RuneScape adventures.
So, without further ado, we’re now able to confirm the following great changes to the Squeal of Fortune:

  • Ten times the chance to win super-rare cosmetic items!

  • More coin prizes added that will also appear more frequently, including 5,000, 50,000 and 500,000gp!

  • Coin prizes substantially increased in value: e.g. the 50gp prize is now 1000gp.

  • More useful common items in increased quantities.

  • New items swapped in to replace your most commonly discarded items, including:

    • Construction and Fletching supplies such as planks and logs.

    • Crafting and Smithing materials, including leather and ore.

    • More gems, from sapphire to diamond.

    • Combat consumables such as arrows and runes.

    • And much more!

We’d like to reassure players that we have thought very carefully about which items to add, remove and increase the likelihood of. We’ve made these changes with a full set of statistics and a healthy wedge of player behaviour data to hand, as we know how important it is to make sure the changes are in keeping with a healthy in-game economy.
With that reassurance in mind, all that remains is for you to enjoy this new and improved collection of prizes, and to maximise your chance and to maximise your chances of scoring some truly great rewards when using your free, earned and purchased spins!
Don’t forget that members get more daily spins each day, so get some extra spins by subscribing now!
The RuneScape Team

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Pacman Syu

Pacman Syu

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RuneScape just keeps getting more and more mindless..
I might note that while you may observe that even those who complain about SoF, bonfires, and the RuneSpan still use it. Sure, it may make those people hypocritical in a sense, but they do it just to keep up with everyone else.
On that note, I personally think bonfires were a great addition in the game. Sure, it makes everyone who previously had 99 firemaking sad, but firemaking seriously needed some additions since its 2001 release date, which is expected. I'd even say the RuneSpan is a great addition to the game. I think it could be a bit more involving, but Runecrafting needed to be expanded as well. The SoF however, doesn't really have a place in the game, especially if it's this rewarding. I personally don't think that most of the players money and items in game should be funded or straight from something that requires no achievement, which is surely the case for our new players.
I know Jagex is trying to make money (as the new players have been taking a pretty steep decline in the recent years :() And really, in that light, I understand. But there has to be better methods.

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Moe Is 4210

Moe Is 4210

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This really removes the sense of immersion for me because I *like* to 'DIY' through the game and I enjoy actually playing the game to object resources, items, and treasure. It's a roleplaying adventure game and I really, wholeheartedly get into that.
This just ruins my immersion further and it saddens me, and I guess you could always *not* spin the Squeal of Fortune but that would be putting myself at a disadvantage.
Oh well, guess I can't complain because it's free stuff..

28-May-2012 17:09:26



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This is some complete BS!. Well, I was tempted to buy some spins, as I really would like some of the cool cosmetic stuff and funny rewards, but also the 10 mil and big xp lamps. Well, I bought 100 spins (and the 100 bonus spins) yeasterday AND today, BUT the didn't stop at A SINGLE rare, not even a single big xp lamp, I only got 1 rare and that was before I bought the spins. Thats makes 1 rare out of the 500 spins i've used, and now we get this update, saying it's 10 times more likely to get some of th rare stuff?
Again, complete BS!

28-May-2012 17:09:39

Sir Brad
May Member 2021

Sir Brad

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Our feedback does not say to add more rewards. Our feedback says to REMOVE SoF.....
I'm sure you've just angered more players by this update. Once again, this is NOT the response we want!!! -.-
"Perseverance in honor brings invariable order." - The White Knights of Falador
Sir Brad

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Stuff plz

Stuff plz

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If you really would have taken our feedback seriously, you would have deleted the option to buy spins. Additionally, I am not fond of the idea of more coin prizes as I feel that this may damage Runescape's economy.

28-May-2012 17:20:21 - Last edited on 28-May-2012 17:42:58 by Stuff plz

Pacman Syu

Pacman Syu

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There are a lot of us saying this, but there's also a lot of people complaining how they spend X and didn't get Y. I'm pretty sure that this is the younger generation of players that Jagex tries to serve more, as they're more likely to get more people to play and keep membership for a couple of years.

28-May-2012 17:22:11 - Last edited on 28-May-2012 17:23:58 by Pacman Syu

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